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Doing Solo Judo Training at Home

Back in 2006 I was training really hard and ended up getting selected for my first ever training trip to Japan for two weeks and then Europe for four weeks.

Unfortunately due to and work commitments I had to leave later than the rest of the team and so I had to organize my own training by myself in Nagoya. Through a friend I grabbed a spot training at Chukyo University in Nagoya.

I arrived in Japan and got stuck into training. I ran or did weights in the morning and did three hours of solid Randori each and every night, I was doing really well against some fighters, but some of them were amazing technicians.

There was this one Judoka who trained at Chukyo University and his name was Michi. He was a tough fighter and we always had good fights against one another. I was going really well … Read More

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing

The sport of Muay Thai has certainly taken the martial arts stage by storm, as year after year, more people are becoming aware of the sport. Even though it’s not as popular as western-style boxing, Muay Thai combines your 4 limbs into a deadly, yet elegant combination of strikes, making it one of the most intense martial arts discipline.

It is one sport that requires dexterity, strength and stamina. Of course, it isn’t complete without adding one’s mental toughness to the equation. The sport goes beyond self defense and aesthetic values. The conditioning endured during Muay Thai sessions will greatly help your body, strength, stamina and overall health.

Fit Body

For those wanting to beat that dreaded weight scale or perhaps just wanting to sculp their body into perfection, Muay Thai is a great addition to your fitness agenda. The intense exercises and drills will vigorously burn the calories and … Read More

Kung Fu Eye-Training

This introduction to Eye Training Arts or ‘Ienshu’ recognises the eyes as the foremost and most used organs of perception and thus, by implication, the most valuable for a Martial Artist to train. The following article sets out three basic drills and practice routines to help with this.

The eyes are a vital feature of human beingness ‘ The… windows of the soul,’ says a popular maxim. To be a martial artist and not to train them is folly! Why? Because you might encounter someone who has-if so then watch out! But it would be better still if you had the invisible advantage which eye-training provides. Training in this area (Iengong) is considered a fundamental basic ‘Gong’ or ‘Kung’ in Shaolin Kung Fu, alongside ‘Muyugong’ (ability to withstand blows). and Qigong (breath control) and others.

Eight Sectors Eye Training Exercise

Keep your head still, look towards the wall on your … Read More

The Use of Exercise Equipments to Stay Healthy

Today most of the people are obsessed with the idea of obtaining a fit and healthy body. Both men and women love to flaunt a well toned body and the only way to attain it is through rigorous work outs and exercises. The right exercise equipment can help you to achieve a fit and well toned body.

To Achieve That Toned Body

Ever wondered how celebrities flaunt six pack abs and a muscular body? Well it is nothing but a healthy diet and rigorous work out sessions. Nowadays, people are health conscious and know the hazards of obesity. Many of them have their own gyms at home with an exercise equipment to help them lose all that fat.

Each work out requires a different type of exercise equipment so it is important to know which equipment is suitable for you. Most of the weight loss therapies include work outs which … Read More

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Full Body Workout

A common fitness craze today involves a full-body approach to every workout. You hit every major muscle group in different ways to create “muscle confusion”, and prevent overtraining in one area and complacency in your workout routine. People pay big money for CrossFit, P90X, Insanity, and more.

But what if I told you these concepts were already built in to a martial arts workout that would also teach you how to defend yourself in all kinds of situations? Since you’ve already read the title of this article, you know I’m talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After my standard one-hour class, plus 30 minutes of grappling, I am consistently sore in every major muscle group, and minor ones I didn’t know existed.

The beauty of a BJJ workout is each technique covers so many different body parts, and coordinates them into fluid movement. As an example, let’s look at a common … Read More

5 Exercises To Improve Your Karate Stances

Martial arts teachers often do the same comparison to explain why you need good karate stances. Your stance is like the foundation of your house. If you build it on a bad foundation and it falls, no matter how good your house is, the foundation is going to destroy everything. Your stances are the same for karate. No matter how good you are, if you don’t have good karate stances, you will fall.

We will take our time to look at some karate stances and how we can improve ourselves. Before anything, let’s take some time to understand why everybody needs to do it. What is the goal behind improving your karate stances? The truth is the goal is indirectly to increase your striking power. Having a good stance will give you a better stability and your balance is crucial for your striking power.

The reason can be explained by … Read More

Ninja Body Conditioning – The Importance of the Ninja’s Junan Taiso in Your Ninjutsu Training

One of the most overlooked aspects within the art of Ninjutsu – the part of training that is loved by some students while hated by others – is the ninja body conditioning exercises known as the Junan Taiso. Love it or hate it, this article explores the importance and necessity of this critical element of your progress and eventual mastery.

The ninja’s junan taiso, or “body conditioning” methods developed over time from yoga-like exercises to increase not only the ninja’s flexibility, but also his ability to counter certain natural tendencies of the human condition. These exercises, while formalized and passed down as a unified set of “forms,” are not to be seen as “all there is.”

While it is not within the scope and context of this article to describe the actual exercises themselves, suffice it to say that you may have to substitute other exercises and movements for the … Read More

Bruce Lee Workout – The Secret to His Great Endurance

Interval training, was one of Bruce Lee’s favorite endurance training techniques.

It always surprises me– the more I learn about Bruce Lee. The more I realize how far ahead he was for his time. Today, high-intensity interval training has been proven by research to burn more calories and create more muscle growth than any other training protocol — currently known.

Let’s say you were training to run for a mile… You would begin by running 440 yards in 60 seconds, you would then rest, for an interval of about five minutes. You would slow down your pace to a restful jog or walk.

At the end of this interval you would then run another 440 yards in 60 seconds, followed by another five-minute rest interval and then again another 440 yards– continue in this manner for a predetermined number of runs.

The Bruce Lee workout for endurance training should begin Read More

Kung Fu: Shaolin’s Invincible Floor-Sweep – The ‘Iron Broom’!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’ involve dramatic training extremes which, if persisted with, deliver astonishing results. ‘Iron-Broom’ Arts develops bodily stability, both when still and moving, and an irresistible floor-sweeping kick capable of uprooting multiple opponents. Details of the training methods and the three key stages involved follow.


The 72 Kungs can be classified as: Yin/Yang, Gang/Rou (Hard/ Soft), Internal/External and Power/Energy Training in nature. They usually fall into one of two categories: either Yin Rou Internal Energy Training or Yang Gang External Power Training Exercises (although a few embody characteristics of both).

Various accounts of the whole 72 exist and, whilst there are slight differences between equally respectable authorities over minor details of description and method, the overall level of agreement as to their essential nature and purpose is remarkable.

Technical Analysis

Shaolin ‘Iron Broom’ or Tie Sao Zhou, also known as ‘Iron Legs … Read More

Building an MMA-Ready Body: The Pit Workout

In recent years, a huge number of MMA-branded workout routines have risen and fallen, each claiming to be better than the last at getting your body into its best fighting shape. Some, while effective, peak after only a month’s practice, and cease delivering results. Others fail to ever produce results of any kind, no matter how dedicated and diligent you may have been in keeping up with them. Despite being touted as an MMA workout, many of these routines simply don’t work out at all.

That is not the case with The Pit Workout, however. The Pit Workout is an intense, tri-weekly workout routine designed explicitly to bring out the best fighter in you by focusing on agility, stamina, and raw power. Featuring a wide variety of different one-hour programs, some of which may surprise you, The Pit Workout is also a surprisingly difficult workout. However, that difficulty is part … Read More