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Direct Support Professional: Understanding Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation in Kentucky

Each State in the U.S. has a similar definition of abuse, neglect and exploitation. If you are a Direct Support Professional living in Kentucky, you need to know what the State Government of Kentucky defines as abuse, neglect and exploitation.

In most cases, there is no law that requires one to report to when an adult is abused. Mandatory reporting laws in the case of adults, apply only if the victim is married to the offender or has a disability that limits his ability to take care of himself or her. However, under KRS 209, if one witnesses or suspects abuse neglect and exploitation of an adult receiving supports for community living, they are required first to ensure safety of the victim. Then report to the Department of Community Based Services as soon as safe to do so.

For a DSP, it is important to understand what abuse, exploitation and … Read More

Penis Lumps and Bumps That Are Completely Harmless

What is the first thing a man does when he spots a bump, pimple or spot on his beloved tool? In most cases, this unfortunate soul finds himself in a mild panic, reviewing his list of recent partners, wondering if one of them could have passed on some unpleasant communicable disease, and mentally kicking himself for skipping the rubber in his lusty haste. Given the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections, this reaction is natural, but STIs are not always the cause. Penis lumps can come from a vast array of sources, most of them fairly benign. Instead of jumping to the conclusion that he will be spending his life in a sex-free wasteland of despair, a man should be aware of other common – and perfectly harmless – causes of the bumpy terrain on his manhood, as well as the penis care measures that can restore the equipment to its … Read More

Does a Bent Penis Indicate Possible Cancer?

Few things make a man more nervous than the possibility of something seriously wrong with his penis – and things rarely get more serious than cancer. Where penis health is concerned, worry about cancer is way up there. Fortunately, penis cancer is rare, responsible for only about 1% of all cancer cases in men. But that doesn’t decrease its ability to strike fear in a man. And some men may have become especially concerned recently when articles began appearing that seem to link a bent penis to an increased likelihood of contracting cancer.

The study

These articles were largely based on a study published in the medical journal Fertility & Sterility. The data was first presented at the American Society for Reproductive Cancer Scientific Congress.

Entitled “Increased risk of cancer among men with Peyronie’s disease,” the study examined whether there was a clinical link between Peyronie’s disease and genetically-linked conditions, … Read More

Parents! – Do Not Pamper Your Child to Become Obese

Obesity prevention in childhood is a key factor in urging a strong response to the current epidemic. Health professional should be especially alert in early identification of overweight and obese children. But apart from health professional there is an urgent need for general public alertness. Parents can play a very important role in preventing as well as treating obesity in their children. This will not only improve the health status of the individual but also will improve the epidemic scenario as well. Parents should recognize the root cause of obesity. In general, it is being observed that the rapid rise in childhood obesity has been mirrored by an explosion of non active leisure pursuits for children such as computer and video games. Television watching is one of the major causes of inactivity giving rise to obesity in children. Substantial decline in physical activity have been reported. Even modern trends of … Read More

What Are 5 Benefits Of A Low – Carbohydrate Diet?

Most people, believe, in this nation, the Father of the Low – Carbohydrate Diet, was Dr. Robert Atkins. Dr. Atkins, a Board Certified Cardiologist, faced a potential heart – related, health issue, in the 1970’s, and did not wish, to proceed, dependent on taking medications, often, with longer – term, ramifications. He proceeded to study the world – wide, research, and discovered, in Germany, and nearby nations, reducing the intake of carbohydrates, has numerous, health – related benefits! After years of studying, he created, what is referred to, as, The Atkins Diet, and the expression, low – carb, was popularized in the United States. Hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of people, have, at one time or another, used, either the entire program, or a component, of this approach. When followed, and observed, with discipline, and insight, the results have been remarkable and exceptional! With that in mind, this article … Read More

Symptoms and Protected Measures for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, like other cancer, is very dangerous and signs or symptoms must be readily known so that the necessary actions can be taken to prevent it in its early stages. It is equally important to know some of the protective measures to be undertaken by individuals, especially women who are the most targeted culprits of this unfortunate disease.

One of the noticeable signs of potential breast cancer is the apparent changes noticed in the appearance, size and shape of the breast. When a woman quickly notices that the size and shape of one or both breasts have increased superficially and/or abnormally, she must treat it as a matter of urgency to visit the health facility for a prompt examination or test for the disease. Also, since breast cancer is mostly formed as a result of clusters of divided cells that form lumps in the breast, as soon as a … Read More

You Can Only Help Someone, Who Wants Your Help – But Do Your Best!

Many people possess certain, specific, emotional, and/ or mental issues, which, if left unaddressed, often, become far more severe, challenging, and potentially, dangerous. Whether this stems from some mood disorder, anger issues, being bipolar (to a minor or major degree), or anything else, the reality is, we can only help someone else, no matter how much we care about, or love them, or really want to help them, if, and when, they want the help, and make the decision, to enhance their personal existence. This has become increasingly complicated by the escalating opioid, and other addiction – based, issues, we are witnessing, today. Those who want to help, often, end – up, blaming themselves, for the problems of others, which serves little benefit, to either individual. This is often, challenging, both to the potential helper, as well as afflicted individual. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly … Read More

The Jack LaLanne Juicer – Spelled Wrong Or Not, it is a Great Juicer

A lot of people are not sure how to spell one of the most well known power juicers on the market. Jack Lalane Juicer is incorrect, it should be Jack Lalanne Juicer, but it does not matter one bit as the main thing is that they are the same juicer.

What is important is that the Jack Lalanne Juicer models are an excellent range of power juicers. They have real quality both in the way they are engineered and in the way they operate.

Juicing will give you great health benefits but you need to produce the juice in the correct way and the operation needs to be simple and easy or you may not feel like producing that health giving juice on a regular basis.

The juicer you choose should also be very quiet to run, be able to cleaned easily and quickly and be long lasting. And it … Read More

Got Penis Problems? Here Are Five Habits to Kick to Improve Penis Health

Noticing things are acting up a bit in the wrong way down below? It could be a lack of boner or maybe a dwindling of desire. Perhaps a man can get it up, but he can’t release to get it back down. No matter the penis problem, there are a few habits a man can turn around to get his penis health back in balance. Here are a few everyday habits that can cause a limp lover and the ways a man can remedy it.

Habit #1: Chowing Down on Fried Foods

Any man who wants a powerful erection needs to ban drive-through’s (don’t do walk up either). Foods that are high in cholesterol and trans fats, like those sinful pork tenderloin sandwiches and fries, can put a stopper on blood flow to the area causing a significant penis problem. These types of foods can cause inflammation in the blood … Read More

Anxiety and Ear Reflexology: Rub Your Ears to Relax!

The Chinese have been doing it for centuries, as have other Asian cultures. Increasing numbers of Westerners are doing it too. Ear rubbing or ear reflexology that is; massaging of the ears to improve health, calm the emotions and enhance the general sense of well being. It’s simple, quick and effective.

Your ears, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a complete medical system which has developed continuously over at least 2500 years, contain reflexology areas that when stimulated by acupuncture needles or finger pressure influence corresponding body parts. For instance, if you have stomach problems you would stimulate the stomach reflexology area on each ear; for eye problems, the eye reflexology areas.

Anxiety and ear reflexology involves stimulating the heart reflexology areas, and perhaps others too, because in TCM anxiety and nervousness usually relates to the heart. A maximum of three or four points would be selected for any one … Read More