Men’s Health Knows There Is Strength in Diversity

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FITNESS IS FOR EVERYONE: It’s one of our core beliefs here at Men’s Health, and it’s been at the beating heart of every issue of this magazine since our founding thirty two years ago.

The fitness industry, though, has a problem with diversity, equity, and inclusion. A big one. From educational and financial obstacles that prevent too many people from becoming fitness experts to empty and enduring assumptions about who and what fitness is for, a whole weight-rack full of systemic issues (racism, homophobia, ageism, to name a few) have consistently deprived trainers from marginalized communities the tools they need to build a career in fitness. They also prevent these men and women from bringing clients in their own communities the kinds of enjoyable, exciting workout experiences that make fitness fun. That needs to change now, and Men’s Health wants to help.

Our new MH Strength in Diversity Initiative will offer trainers from marginalized communities the chance to work with a cadre of elite fitness professionals. Each trainer will be assigned an advising mentor trainer. Mentors commit to half-hour weekly calls with their mentees, offering guidance on program building, brand-building, education, and workout design, as well as study guidance. Mentors will also communicate with Men’s Health to recommend key certifications for aspiring trainers.

We provide further instruction in a series of Zoom clinics that teach video and social media content creation, the importance of nutrition in fitness, and keys to coaching athletes. All trainers will have the opportunity to earn certifications from the NSCA and Precision Nutrition, and at least one trainer will have a chance to work with All Out Studio, the Hearst fitness app.

Our hope is that these trainers will share their knowledge in their communities, creating fun, exciting, and effective training plans and helping ensure better fitness and long-term health for everyone.

Men’s Health will accept applications for the first class of the MH Strength in Diversity Initiative until October 16, and the program will kick off a week later. All are welcome to apply.

Let’s get stronger together!

(All decisions by MH as to who participates are final. All selected applicants grant Men’s Health the right to use their names, images and personal details in editorial materials and for promotional purposes by our sponsors.)

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