CBD Healing with Professional Dancer Bridget Scheiner

Bridget Scheiner is a professional dancer who uses dance as a form of creative expression, using CBD healing and movement to help not only herself, but others as well. She’s also an actor who specializes in improv comedy, voiceover and on-camera work. 

On the side, she dedicates her time to clients as a fitness instructor and trainer, having created her own brand called Be Obsessed Fitness that aims to unleash inner confidence and power. Bridget donates 50% of her profits to racial justice initiatives, a cause near to her heart. 

When she isn’t working, Bridget likes to paint, draw, and spend time with her three kittens. She is involved in human rights and animal rights activism, and is a big fan of nature, the mountains, and creativity.


What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is a huge part of how I exist and the choices I make every day. I think that taking care of ourselves and taking care of everyone in our community should be a top priority for all. Through both physical fitness, dance, and artistic expression, I aim to constantly be improving both my mental and physical wellness. For me, I have lost people very close to me who didn’t take care of their wellness whether it was mentally or physically, and I think understanding the connection between the two and how they tie to our health and continuous well being is so important. I also think we have a moral obligation to take care of the community and world around us so I like to think that wellness extends to being just ourselves and always checking in with those around you and having their backs, is equally important. In the past couple years I have been fully meatless, and have loved the benefits on my body, the animals, and the environment.

(I’m also originally from Texas, so it was not an easy path for me!)

Overall though, wellness is something I think we should all strive to work on everyday. It’s not something that you ever stop improving upon whether it’s individual wellness or communal wellness. I have found painting and drawing to be a separate type of soothing and healing as well. Sometimes your body needs to be horizontal and she gets tired, so it’s been great to rely on art all these years as a way to take care of myself. 


What kind of everyday activity brings wellness into your life? 

I’ve been a dancer since I was three years old, and when I was 18 I turned it into a professional career. I’ve also been a fitness instructor since I was 18. This has been a huge part of my life for the past 12 years not just financially, but also physically and emotionally.

Dance is a special activity because you get to release the endorphins that so many sports and fitness activities will get. Different from just physical activities, you also get to artistically express yourself and it can be an amazing creative outlet for anyone who joins – you don’t have to be a professional to reap the joy! I have felt very lucky discovering something I love so incredibly much at such a young age that doesn’t just keep my cardiovascular heart healthy, but also keeps my spiritual heart and soul happy.


How does Caliva cannabis enhance your wellness experience?

Cannabis has been a major game changer for me as I’ve gotten older. From dance and some natural anatomical injuries, I’ve had two hip surgeries, been in a back brace, and have had arthritic pain increase with certain activity or even not doing enough activity. Cannabis has been to help myself and many other dancers find a quicker recovery time at night. It’s also been a huge distraction for stress.

For those that feel the effects of THC cannabis are too strong, Caliva CBD is a wonderful wellness alternative. 


Tell us something fun or interesting about your wellness activity:

I already talked a bit about how I’ve been dancing since I was three and fell in love with movement as a creative outlet and an emotional healing. I never fell out of love with that activity and hope that I always have the same passion for dance for the rest of my life.

With the current COVID climate, I’ve been more limited on having the ability to dance and have turned more to drawing and painting. I first started doodling in school on the sides of papers and realized that I always loved sketching faces of people and capturing their expressions. Also a creature of habit, I started this at a young age and never lost interest!


No matter how you choose to enjoy your cannabis, the feeling you get when you encounter your happy moment is unmistakable. What does your happy moment look like or feel like?

Either in a contemporary dance class where the teacher chooses a piece of music that is so emotional and the words are so spot on with whatever’s going on in your life at the moment, you let out all your emotions and cry. But it’s not necessarily a sad cry. It’s hard to explain but there is something quite powerful when your body is synchronized to music and you get to use it to add another layer of dynamic to the music. You feel almost an instant high when you can lose yourself in this style (pun intended).

Another happy place is honestly just hanging out at home with my three cats and my fiancé coloring or enjoying the cool sunset air off of our balcony.


What is your relationship with cannabis?

I think that there is a stigma about cannabis that is slowly starting to dissolve. Living in California has allowed me to have a much more open-minded and try Cannabis products for so many other reasons than I ever imagined. I have encountered multiple generations using cannabis products for various reasons, and I hope that more people will continue to try it and see the way it can enhance whatever their current wellbeing regiment looks like. There’s also so much for people to try these days. Cannabis comes in so many forms now, whether it’s a topical or an oral product. I truly believe there’s something for everyone.

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