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Sani Professional announces EPA submission of 3 products after promising results against SARS-CoV-2 virus | News

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J., Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sani Professional, the food safety division of Professional Disposables International (PDI), announced that three of its products have demonstrated effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus: No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes, No-Rinse Sanitizing Spray and Disinfecting Wipes. The test was conducted by Microbac Laboratories, a premier 3rd party testing laboratory.

Sani Professional has announced that three of its products have demonstrated effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Microbac released the following test results against the SARS-CoV-2 virus: No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes and No-Rinse Sanitizing Spray delivered a 3-log reduction against the virus in 1 minute. Disinfecting Wipes demonstrated a 3-log reduction against the virus in 3 minutes. All three Sani Professional products were tested in compliance with “Disinfectants for Use on Environmental Surfaces, Guidance for Efficacy Testing.” 

These latest results are currently being evaluated by the EPA.

“As a company deeply rooted in the prevention of

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U.K.’s Film and TV Charity Launches Program For Better Mental Health

The U.K.’s Film and TV Charity has launched the Whole Picture Program, a two-year initiative designed to to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the 200,000 people who work behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema.

The Film and TV Charity has now secured £3 million ($3.87 million) in funding from Amazon Prime Video, Banijay U.K., BBC, BBC Studios, Channel 4, IMG, ITV, Sky, Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia to deliver the program that is supported by the BFI and backed by U.K. mental health charity Mind. The charity estimates that mental health problems, including staff turnover, cost the sector at least £300 million ($387 million) in losses each year.

The program will deliver a toolkit for mentally healthy productions; enhanced professional and peer support for freelancers; people skills and training guides; industry actions to improve behavior; and anti-bullying services and

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Diana J. Chavez, Special to The News-Press
Published 10:16 a.m. ET Oct. 14, 2020

Diana Chavez (Photo: Special to The News-Press)

You notice the check engine light comes on and schedule a car inspection. You notice you are having flu-like symptoms and visit the doctor. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? When your interest in doing things dwindles? When you find yourself tired or sleeping less?

Perhaps chronic headaches, shoulder pain, nausea, chest tightness, or difficulties breathing have less to do with our physical health and more with our mental health. It is common to simply plow through these sensations often explaining them away by rationalizing, “I have a deadline… Work has been too stressful… I’ve been sick…” And this may be true.

However, ignoring these physical and emotional sensations, particularly after they’ve been around for a while, can negatively affect the connection between one’s physical and mental

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UNMC’s high-tech home for health care innovation gets official dedication | Articles

“This facility — and the professionals and technology within it — have been and will continue to be life-changing for the health professionals who train here,” he said.

The center includes plenty of technology, from the holographic images lining the entryway to the three-story Sony Infinity Wall, the largest display of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, in the atrium. It also features a holographic theater, touted as the first in an academic institution, and Laser CAVE-5, a five-sided fully immersive virtual reality suite.

But it also includes replica health care settings, from an ambulance bay to operating rooms, where health care professionals can perfect techniques and practice working in teams, as they increasingly do in the real world.

Dr. James Linder, CEO of Nebraska Medicine, said the simulations will allow professionals to achieve the highest level of competence, whether they are students learning for the first time or professionals

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Brightline Launches First Covid-19 Behavioral Health Indicator (COBI) to Help Parents Concerned About Children’s Mental Health

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Brightline, the first family-focused behavioral health platform for children and families, announces the launch of a new public health initiative to help parents learn about potential behavioral health impacts of Covid-19 on children’s behavioral health. The Covid-19 Behavioral Health Indicator (“COBI”) will launch online and be available for free, nationwide, on October 13 via

COBI is a 30-question survey that helps parents inform themselves about how their family is doing in four key areas that may be linked to children’s wellness, including pre-existing medical and behavioral health conditions, direct effects of Covid-19, psychological stress, and family resilience. COBI is intended to equip parents with information to facilitate a conversation with a health care provider.

“As a mom of three young kids, these past months there have been so many times I have wondered if my kids are weathering

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Health Systems Join Forces to Launch Specialty Pharmacy Alliance

Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance (HOSP) to Focus on Advocacy and Best Practices for Specialty Pharmacies

Eight of the nation’s leading health systems and other network providers of specialty pharmacy patient care joined together today to form The Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance (HOSP). HOSP will focus on advocating for the interests of integrated specialty pharmacies and promoting best practices that enable them to deliver the best patient care and patient outcomes.

“HOSP will act as the ‘face and voice’ of the integrated specialty pharmacy industry advocating for, and uniting members around, common industry interests and concerns,” said Tanya Menchi, executive director, HOSP. “We believe the integrated health system owned specialty pharmacy model is the best way to deliver exceptional patient care and outcomes. The industry needs its own voice. HOSP’s goal is to help bring the industry together so they have a seat at the table and

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CommonSpirit Health Expands Behavioral Health Support through Primary Care Collaboration in Partnership with Concert Health

Evidence-based model supports better health outcomes by providing physicians with better tools to coordinate access to mental health services

CommonSpirit Health, a national nonprofit health system serving communities at more than 1,000 care sites and 137 hospitals across 21 states, today announced it is offering new access to support for depression and anxiety within the primary care setting through a partnership with Concert Health, a leading behavioral health medical group. This model will place CommonSpirit’s primary care physicians at the center of all physical and behavioral aspects of care by connecting patients with Concert Health’s remotely located behavioral health care managers who provide therapy and develop a behavioral health care plan for each patient.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Access to behavioral health services in the U.S. is challenging at the best of times, and for patients, the lack of care can have far-reaching

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Train Faith Leaders to Tackle Africa’s Mental Health Needs

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In countries like Malawi, there are simply not enough mental health professionals to go around. The local faith community can help fill this void. Credit: Unsplash /Melanie Wasser.

BLANTYRE, Malawi, Oct 14 2020 (IPS) – The world is actually in the throes of two pandemics. The first is COVID-19. The second is the wave of stress and anxiety, depression and substance use it has unleashed around the world. Most mental health disorders are treatable.

This so called “second pandemic” is raging in poor and wealthy countries alike. But across Africa, and in much of the Global South, people facing mental health crises have nowhere to turn.

The reason is that governments and aid agencies are not making the investments needed to provide these services. In the lead up to “World Mental Health Day,” the World Federation for Mental Health recently released new statistics on the share

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Vote Biden, not Trump, for health and security: Former military doctors

Dr. Dean Taylor, Opinion contributor
Published 7:00 a.m. ET Oct. 14, 2020

Trump’s leadership on COVID-19 is ineffective and contrary to our values of integrity, honor and selfless service. Biden is the leader for our time.

Like all physician leaders and graduates of the United States Military Academy (West Point), Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy, I was trained to lead America’s sons and daughters. Today I write on behalf of all of us who feel compelled to step forward in response to the profound crisis that COVID-19 has created.  

As physicians, we see extraordinary challenges. We share firsthand the pain of our patients’ families who mourn avoidable deaths. We treat the acutely ill and the chronic sufferers of COVID-19. We daily face mental health challenges, both our own and those of our patients, made worse by the ongoing assault on health care options for those in the greatest need. 

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Med students on how COVID-19 pushed them to take action, highlighted health care inequities

It was on a Saturday in mid-March when Abby Schiff, then a third-year medical student at Harvard working through surgery clinical rotations, found out she wouldn’t be going back to the hospital.

She had worked the day before, but with the coronavirus threat growing quickly, Schiff, like thousands of other medical students across the country, was sidelined when the Association of American Medical Colleges issued a temporary suspension of clinical rotations in hopes of protecting students and patients, and conserving personal protective equipment (PPE).

She didn’t sit around waiting, though. As nurses came out of retirement and medical school professors pressed pause on teaching to answer the call to action on the front lines, Schiff also got to work. Within hours, she and a group of other students started building a crash course on COVID-19 for medical professionals.

“At the time, a lot of Harvard medical students were talking about

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