You Can Stop Shy Bladder!

Shy Bladder is known as a paruresis phobia. This phobia is the same as any other phobia whether it is fear of heights, spiders or snakes it can be cured. The person suffering from paruresis can not urinate in the presence of other people. Approximately 7% of the nations population suffers from this phobia. If you suffer from paruresis, you can stop shy bladder.

As with any other phobia, there is an underlying cause. Perhaps you were bullied in the bathroom during grammar school. It might have been a comment made when you were a child and it simply stuck in your subconscious. There is help for you and you can beat this problem.

There are many support that help people who deal with this phobia. Most of these groups are organized and run by people who have dealt with this problem themselves. These support groups work in much the same way AA works with people who have drinking problems. You get a buddy and together you work to overcome the phobia.

Many people with this phobia have found success with anti anxiety medications prescribed by a physician. Psychotherapy also helps the person suffering with this phobia to learn to come to terms with it. In some cases, hypnosis can be utilized to allow your subconscious to overcome the problems of paruresis. There is no one sure way to overcome this phobia. What works for one person may not work for another however if you suffer from paruresis you can stop shy bladder.

One of the first things that the person with paruresis must do is believe that they can overcome this phobia. This is the first step in conquering the phobia. Without this belief, the ability to overcome the phobia will not be present. Recognizing that they are not alone with the problem and the knowledge that it can be overcome is also paramount. The desire to seek help to come to terms with the phobia and to seek out help will help you stop shy bladder.