Why Builders Choose Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets

Ready-to-Assemble or RTA cabinets come with many benefits to the buyer. Though at first thought they may seem like a headache they really aren’t when purchased from a quality supplier. Still, many individuals wonder what the allure is of this type of cabinet as opposed to pre-assembled versions that would seem to be a quick get and fit method to putting a kitchen together.

RTA cabinets often get the stigma of being poorly made and cheaply constructed carpentry, but that just isn’t the case. Today’s RTA cabinets have the same quality as custom counterparts. Most are none the wiser when it comes to telling the difference.

With the same amazing appearance and better quality than pre-assembled options there is much to love about RTA cabinets for an upcoming project. Not to mention, money will be saved which is always a plus!

Have a Kitchen Dreams are Made of

RTA cabinets are still constructed of the finest materials, delivering the quality one would expect from a custom cabinet maker. Yet, they are far less expensive. There really is no downside when one considers that fact. Pre-assembled versions from the big box stores often take weeks to receive, and custom cabinetry obviously takes a while to build.

• A builder or home owner will have their RTA cabinets in no time at all and even save on shipping because they don’t come in giant, bulky boxes like pre-assembled do.

• Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes, just because they are ready-to-assemble doesn’t mean one has less to choose from

• All the parts and directions necessary will come right with the cabinets. All that’s needed is a hammer and screwdriver.

• Experience the pride in do-it-yourself. It can feel good to build something as well because there’s added assurance it was done right.

Doors or Complete Cabinets?

The choice is that of the homeowner when it comes to complete cabinet replacement or just the door front. Many opt for complete package as they can be assured they all come from the same manufacturer with the warranty. Warranty may be voided otherwise so it pays to check.

Though just doors may be cheaper, RTA cabinets are so easy to assemble and give one everything all new, which is very appealing! Why not go for it?

Custom or Stock?

Many prefer the traditional face-frame cabinets while other like a more contemporary look this is a relatively easy choice. Once style is decided, the next decision would be manufactured or custom. Stock are similar to what one would see in a big box store and are quite basic with the same design and different finishes. As stated before they are cheaper and offer minimal choices.

Custom RTA cabinets are much more unique and give the buyer a larger choice of material, color and size as well as other elements. They may take a little longer but if the homeowner is certain of what they want and they can only come custom then the wait is worth it.

If one is lucky, they’ll align with a company that caters to both! They can get custom cabinets as RTA cabinets as well. This means they won’t have to wait forever for their order, and often can get them delivered right to the curbside for the ultimate in convenience.

Give RTA a Chance

Remember, the RTA cabinets of 2015/2016 are far better than the old days! Don’t plan on a wobbly version of the cabinets you desire. They are made quite sturdy and come with all quality parts for assembly.

Manufacturers have made great strides in the RTA realm so that savvy buyers can save and still have the cabinets they desire.