What is the Connection Between Man’s Ego and His Penis Size?

Women often talk about a man’s elevated ego and male chauvinism. This male chauvinism is also said to be partly related to being well-endowed. In spite of women proving themselves and succeeding in almost all the fields, men still consider themselves superior at least in one field: sex. A proud man would believe that women cannot take away that satisfaction from them.

As one man humorously quipped when talking about his penis, “It’s the only thing we have left!” Men want women to consider them macho and love relating to their buddies stories about their escapades saying, “she’s really into me.”

For men things are measured more by their physical attributes while women are more emotional. Men have a notoriously elastic take where women are concerned. They enjoy the whole process of taking a woman to bed and this stems totally from their confidence in themselves. The confidence that boosts his ego and promotes sexual assertiveness is largely related to the size of the penis.

The size of a penis plays a crucial role in an adult man’s life and a small penis makes the man extra sensitive to relationship threats. It would help to understand that the size of the penis is totally genetic. Many men assume that it is the father who passes on the penis size, but in reality it is both the father and the mother who pass on the genetic material. The issues of a small penis can be overcome by using growth enhancers and other products but it still hurts a man’s ego to have to resort to methods to gain inches.

The size of a male erection is also important to men, much more than the size and shape of the bust are for women. The male ego, no matter how cultured the person is, takes a blow if the penis size does not match up to the next guy’s. Since a big penis is associated with the ability to attract more women, men with bigger penises have inflated egos. In spite of the medical ruling that a sexually satisfactory experience can occur even with a small penis, a man’s ego refuses to accept that.

A man’s penis size has a lot to do with his sense of superiority. A man with a bigger penis has no inhibitions and feels masterly in the knowledge that he can give utmost satisfaction to his woman. This feeling of superiority gives him an inflated ego. This is the reason, it is extremely difficult for a man to accept having a small penis and it disturbs him by hurting his ego.