What Are the Advantages of Using Mobile Racking?

Storage is essential for any company or home. In order for anywhere to be organised, some type of shelving or units are required. If you have a small amount of space available but have a lot of items to store, you may need more than your average unit or filing system. You may require something called a mobile racking system.

Mobile racking is an ideal solution for a large amount of items in a comparative small floor area. For example a library may be quite small but requires the ability to store thousands of books. Normal shelving requires gaps down each isle to allow users to access the books.

This is a lot of wasted floor space for accessibility. Mobile racking can solve this problem. Basically shelves are all pushed up against one another with enough area for a person to access one isle. The stacks are movable so one isle is always accessible. The stacks are on rollers so heavy shelves are moved with ease. If you had ten normal shelves you would require eleven accessible areas. With mobile racking you require two maximum to get down two sides of an isle.

This is a great solution for medical file storage, archiving, police evidence rooms and filing storage. This can also be known as mobile shelving and roller racking. It is a fully modular system and can be moved or extended to hold more units. The shelves can also be designed to match your current furniture or colour scheme, you are not restricted.