Want to Have Nice Six Pack Abs? Get Tips Straight From the Celebrities Themselves

Ever wonder how celebrities look so good and hot on stage, having to flaunt their flat stomach abs? We always admire them, because every time we see those stars in TV, they look surprisingly awesome. Do you envy the stars who have star-quality abs like David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, and Lady Gaga? Here are some secrets I want to share to you about how they gain and maintain their flat stomach abs.

David Beckham. What could his wife, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham love most about him? Is it those sexy six pack abs? He doesn’t get his shape from soccer, the sport he’s famous for, but only from his daily work-outs. Performing dozens of crunches daily, regular visits to the gym, and running up and down those stairs for three days a week, every week are his secrets.

Lady Gaga doesn’t want to work out a “bad romance”, she wants to regularly work out her abs at home. Assisted by her personal trainer, she does a variety of crunches, from basic, reverse, to double crunches. Aside from doing abs exercises, she also focuses on eating the right foods, and the proper cardio work-out to burn those belly fat.

Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo isn’t your regular Jenny from the block. She executes so exquisitely those astounding stomach abs in every place she may be. She masters on resistance exercises that work her body as one unit which includes medicine-ball chop squats and inbound medicine-ball crunches.

Now, one of the sexiest and most talented artists in Hollywood is Beyonce Knowles. How could she attract attention from people to her gorgeous abs? Well aside from getting heaps of exercise as she practices for her dance videos and concerts, she also does the following abs exercises: reverse lunge press, dumbbell front squat, and jumping lunge.

Hugh Jackman, our X-men hero, went through a series of work-outs and diets with his personal trainer, Michael Ryan. This gave the hot and flat stomach abs that he currently has. Protein shakes are his favorite he also eats steamed chicken and vegetables every three hours. Steamed food is his key in getting those appealing six pack abs.

These are just examples of how TV stars are able to attain their body shape, so fit and healthy that people admire so much. If you are longing to flaunt a strong, attractive-looking, and flat abs, you can learn from the measures they routinely undertake. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in Hollywood just to have the body you want.