Total Surfing Fitness – Maximizing Your Potential in Surfing

Like any other sports, you have to be fit to enjoy surfing to the fullest Of course, with proper exercise and physical training, you will be able to unleash your body’s full potential to perform your best in the said sport.

Indeed, there are a lot of challenges in the unique sport of surfing and you have to be fit to be able to do your best in the sport or competition. Here are a few exercises and workouts that will help you attain total surfing fitness for the sport.

Stretching is one of the things that you have to keep in mind before you start with any exercises. Developing your flexibility is important to help you avoid injuries especially that such sport requires a lot of challenges in the water.

If you want to maximize your power in surfing, you have to also focus on developing your core strength or the strength of your core muscles. Among the exercises that you can include in your core training are squats and planks and you may even use light exercise equipment for your workouts.

You can develop good control with squats as these are great exercises that you can start with for your total surfing fitness. The plank exercises on the other hand will also help you build endurance in your core as well.

Your training program should also include other exercises that strengthen your arms and shoulders to allow you to develop strength and speed in paddling over the waves. Weight training is a good exercise to help you build strength as well. You can make use of light equipment to help you develop body strength, such as lifting dumbbells while you are doing your workouts.

Swimming itself is a good exercise to help you develop your paddling skills. You can also do the training on sea instead of the pool to help you attune your body to the sea and to the waves itself.

Running is also a great cardio exercise good for your heart and also good to establish strength of your legs. Running on the sand is also a good way to exercise your legs to avoid lesser impact on your legs as well.

Keep in mind that in whatever fitness program that you have to follow, it is important that you have to consider the quality of your workouts and exercises. You have to consider also the frequency and duration, the intensity as well as the speed.

It is also important to consider stretching exercises to develop flexibility. This will help you avoid injuries in such a challenging sport. You can do stretching exercises before and after your training program to warm up and warm down your muscles.

Aside from doing some common cardio exercises as well as weight training exercises, you can also use some light exercise equipment to help you stay fit for surfing. Aside from dumbbells as a great addition to achieve total fitness, you can also use medicine ball or you can workout in the gym for your anaerobic exercises, but don’t forget as well that attaining total surfing fitness means combining both anaerobic and aerobic exercises to maximize your potentials.