Top 3 Job Challenges Of The Dental Assisting Career

A career in dental assisting is becoming a popular career choice for a lot of high school graduates nowadays. Apart from the fast track training that schools offer, it is a job that provides good remuneration for employees including competitive benefits package. With the employment opportunities that the government claims are available for graduates from now up to 2018, no wonder that more health workers are also considering shifting to the dental assisting industry.

However, before jumping into the bandwagon of career shifters, you must first determine whether this is indeed the career for you or not. Listed below are some of the challenges that dental assistants face while performing their duties.

Career Challenges of a Dentist Assistant

Like any other careers, dental assisting practitioners encounter difficulties on the job. Mostly, the challenges are not related to the financial aspect or benefits package accorded by their employers.

-Working for unprofessional and ill-tempered dentists. It is a sad reality that not all bosses are good-natured and think about the plight of their employees. According to studies, this is what a lot of dental assistants do not like about their work because from experience, some practicing dentists look down on their assistants and do not treat them properly. In fact, some would even shout at their assistants for minor errors in front of their regular clients.

-Dealing with patients with traumatic dental experiences. Patients have various reasons for developing fear during dental visits. Most of these fears are attributed to the possibilities of experiencing pain during the treatment and fear of being admonished about the condition of their teeth. Because of these fears, patients usually leave out dental visits during their growing up years, thus, they end up having more cavities or other forms of teeth and mouth problems.

This is where an assistant has trouble in explaining dental procedures to patients as well as making them comfortable as soon as they enter the dental office premises.

-Dental assisting can be a tiring and demanding job. In general, dental assistants work in well-appointed work surroundings – clean, disinfected, and free from harmful bacteria. However, the nature of the job calls for them to work about 40 hours a week, and occasionally working overtime depending on patients’ appointed schedules. They may also be called in to work on Saturdays and extending to evenings.

Because part of their job is to assist dentists during procedures, normally, they are seated near the dental chair since part of their job is to arrange dental instruments and medication to the dentist.

Despite these well-known challenges, still, more are thinking about joining the dental assisting industry because they recognize that the rewards and benefits far out-weigh the challenges that they will encounter.