Top 10 Reasons Why Most Corporate Health Programs Do Not Work

  1. They are “programs”. Right away this implies a finite, set time, usually based on a predetermined agenda. Let’s help our employees on a process to evolve into healthier steps and give them the tools to continue this process.
  2. Don’t help the participants set the right goals – often unrealistic, superficial, or non health centric goals are set which lead to non compliance or learned helplessness. Many people reach for superficial goals normally associated with a fitness program which are temporary at best. By guiding them to dig a few levels deeper, addressing their own unique set of needs and any pre existing demands in their lives – a sustainable growth oriented process is developed and embraced. And yes, those original more superficial goals will be achieved in a more livable lifestyle.
  3. The Program is based on “pop fitness” vs. cellular fitness which is the only way to address health issues. If the Pop fitness paradigm doesn’t fit – which it usually doesn’t – leads to frustration and a sense of failure. The other aspect that very few consider – the “pop fitness” paradigm can be dangerous for many. Instead of fitness from the outside and assuming its helping on the inside (big assumption) fitness needs to be addressed from the inside out.
  4. Programs are one size fits all – not addressing needs, time, medical issues – possibly creating greater biological mayhem. Needs assessments do not have to be that complicated – and they set the stage for compliance and employee confidence. We all like to feel someone cares about us – not just filling in forms checking off boxes.
  5. Programs present a list of “shoulds” and “should nots” – Nobody is looking to feel deprived, guilted or more on their to do list. None of us are looking for another miserable thing to do in our lives.
  6. Missing Measurable Outcomes: The process helps participants recognize progress & work through setbacks providing mathematically measured success at regular intervals. Nothing assures adherence more than progress and victory.
  7. The Providers: most “fitness professionals” are limited to the limited outer appearances side of fitness mentioned earlier. The same information can be obtained searching online. That same information we shake our heads and say “tried it”. An understanding of hormones, circadian rhythms, agents in their environment that can be sabotaging their efforts beyond junk food in the cupboard and no time for exercise… if these many deeper aspects of cellular health are not incorporated – the program is far too simplistic, misleading and incomplete.
  8. Accountability: We all have greater appreciation when we have invested time and effort into the project. Employees can see a direct, quantitative relationship between individual changes and outcomes
  9. Follow through – Evolution did not happen in 1 session new habits. Psychologists say it takes 2 months of consistency to integrate a new lifestyle habit. Progression into habits often takes 2-3 cycles of testing, growth and evolution. We all know about going to a seminar – getting all Ra Ra – and then… flatline.
  10. Fitness Baggage… Attitude is everything. We all have experiences we are less proud of – and unfortunately that baggage weighs us down and doesn’t allow us to move forward. The go forward is far too often nothing more than either a pep talk or lost in the fine print.

What an incredible way to build corporate camaraderie and show employees how management cares for the person – not just the worker.

Nurture a person’s heartbeat – Nurture the Corporate heartbeat!