‘Today the Indian hockey team can be compared with Australia, Netherlands, or Germany,’ says Dhanraj Pillay

Legendary India hockey player Dhanraj Pillay spoke about the enormous changes in Indian hockey that have taken place during the last two decades, pointing out that the fitness levels of current players were extremely high.

Dhanraj Pillay is of the opinion that fans can now compare the Indian hockey teams to heavyweights like Australia, Netherlands, or Germany.

In a chat with Indian paddler Mudit Dani on his show In The Sportlight, Dhanraj Pillay discussed about how hockey has changed over the years and how the Indian hockey teams have adapted to the new playing style.

He also stressed that the current players did not have any concerns about their family or future because they had a job in an excellent organization, unlike the players of yesteryear.

Dhanraj Pillay says higher endurance levels have changed Indian hockey

Giving his view on the changes that have occurred in Indian hockey during the last 20-25 years, Dhanraj Pillay said that when he represented the nation on the hockey field, the game was a bit slow-paced.

In contrast, the current players moved and passed swiftly. Pillay accredited the rise in fitness levels for this evolution.

“What hockey I played and what these players have been playing for the last 10-15 years, there is no match. The current players are playing based on their fitness abilities. Fitness has changed Indian hockey and also the players are very serious about their physique and endurance abilities. Today the Indian team can be compared with Australia or Netherlands or Germany. They can give a tough fight to any team in the world,” said the former 4-time Olympian. 

Dhanraj Pillay concluded by saying that Indian hockey was moving in the right direction.

Published 07 Oct 2020, 17:10 IST

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