Tips for Installing Your Cabinet Knobs

Installing knobs on your cabinets should be the finishing touch to installing a new kitchen. A cabinet door is made of 5 basic pieces, the center panel, the top and bottom rail, and two side stiles.

You may ask yourself “where should I put the knob and how?”

The answer is simple put the knob where it looks the best.

When we installed most stock kitchens, we kept this answer easy and drilled the hole 3 inches from the bottom of the door and centered in the stile.

For your own cabinets it may be better to drill your hole at a different spot.

Hold the knob up to the door and see where it looks best. It may work better to drill your hole at the intersection of the side stile and the bottom rail.

Sometimes it is best to have the bottom of your knob at the top of the bottom rail.

Hold your knob at the spot you want it and make a mark where your hole will be placed.

Use a 3/16″ drill bit for making the hole. Use painters tape on your door and measure from the bottom and the side to make your mark to drill the hole.

After all doors are marked open the door and hold a piece of plywood behind the door. This will keep the drill bit from tearing out the wood when it goes through the hole.

Take the tape off and install your knob turning the screw into the knob and holding the knob steady.

Stand back and enjoy a job well done and enjoy your new kitchen.