The Shame of Not Going to the Dentist and What Is the Cause of Most Tooth Decay?

Research indicates that most people who have not gone to the dentist for years fear going to the dentist because of the shame they might face if they show their teeth to their dentist. This is a normal fear people giving up on their dental health all together. Not only does your oral health decline but your over all health is linked to your oral health. Studies have shown that the health of your gums and teeth can affect your over all life expectancy. The shame that people fear is mostly in their heads, for your dentist has most likely seen teeth dramatically worse than yours. Dentist seem to be the type of doctor that most people put off until something goes horribly wrong. Not going to the dentist will cause problems in the future that will defiantly cause you to go to the dentist. For example root canals are caused by hiding from the dentist and improper dental health care over many years. A root canal is just the decaying of ones tooth and if not fixed can cause an abscessed tooth which can cause major health problems.

Cosmetic dentists are in business today because people have failed to go the dentist for many years and if a root canal does not work then the next step is to replace the tooth all together. This cost is drastically higher than getting your teeth cleaned twice a year and properly taking care of them through out the year. The average cost of getting a new set of teeth can run anywhere from twenty thousand dollars on the low- end to ninety thousand dollars on the upper end. Getting ones teeth replaced is easily avoided just by going to see your dentist twice a year and getting your teeth cleaned. This cost will run you about one hundred and fifty dollars per visit thus saving you money in the future and will also keep you healthier later in life.

Knowing what type of dental products to use is also very important in making sure you have the best dental check ups. Today there a ton of electric tooth brushes on the market. All of these electric tooth brushes are better at removing plaque than brushing your teeth the old fashion way. Tests have proven that electric tooth brushes remove more plaque. Plaque is the cause of bad breath and gum disease. The more plaque you remove each time you brush your teeth the better breath you will have and the better dental check ups you will have. In addition to brushing, you should always remember to floss your teeth at least once per day.