The Real Reason You Get Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones stink. Would you like to know the real reason that you get these stinky little throat buggers? This is the information that’s covered in all of the “tonsil stones ebooks” that people try to sell you. They talk about it and make it sound complicated and then recommend bogus products that don’t work.

The real reason that you form tonsil stones, is simply; because you eat and drink things with milk (dairy, lactose, whey etc) in them! It’s honestly at simple as that. Stop consuming any food and drink with dairy in it and you’ll notice a 100% relief in your bad breath and tonsilloliths. This process takes around 1 through 2 weeks to fully work but the guideline is simple: no dairy.

Milks can be replaced with Soy Milk, which is an absolutely wonderful alternate (try chocoate soy milk!!!) to almost all recipes that use milk. There’s also “Veggie Cheese” available so you’re not missing out on a lot, as long as you have some will power. My wife just the other day had made a non-dairy chocolate-peanut butter no bake cookies and they’re amazing (contact me for recipe) so it goes to show you can still live a tonsil stone free life without consuming dairy.

If I’ve just saved you $10-$30 because I’ve told you exactly what every eBook wants you to pay to learn about, then pass this information on by “sharing” it, by Facebook etc, and spread the word about the real cause and cure of tonsil stones! Don’t let these people profit by not sharing information for free.