The One Home Staging Step That 60 Percent of All Americans Do Each Spring – But Do They Do It Right?

According to the 2006 Soap and Detergent Association Spring Cleaning Survey, 60% of Americans participate in a spring cleaning ritual. This might include washing windows (I don’t do windows), cleaning carpets, washing down siding, taking down window treatments, and more.

But, what do they forget to do in the rush to get the BIG jobs done? They forget the hidden clutter found in closets, medicine cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and of course, the infamous junk drawer. These areas are often the most neglected in a home – and when selling a home should be high on the to-do list!

How should you clean out a junk drawer? Empty it all out, wipe it down, and get a drawer organizer. Now, look through the junk and get rid of anything that doesn’t work such as dried up markers and broken rubber bands. Next, get rid of anything out of date like old coupons or batteries. Put like with like in the organizers (I’ve even used zip-lock baggies for things like pencils). And now, a not so junk drawer!

And what of closets? Start the same way. Empty it all out and wipe it down. Get rid of anything clothes or linens that are torn or stained. Use bins to store items that need to be in the closet. Get shoe organizers and tie hangers. Whatever you need to make the closet clean.

Don’t forget the medicine cabinet. Believe it – those coming into your home will look! Once again, start from scratch. Get everything out and wipe it down. Get rid of all of that expired medication (I’ve been known to find kids cough syrup 3 years out of date!). If you have too much in your cabinet, get bins to put in your extra supplies of toothpaste, shampoo, and sunscreen.

It is important to do the big jobs, even those pesky windows. However, don’t forget the little things that can make a big difference when selling your home.