The New Workouts from SWEAT’s Kelsey Wells are Finally Here

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a woman standing in front of a building: Available via the SWEAT app, all workouts are 30-minutes or under

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Available via the SWEAT app, all workouts are 30-minutes or under

  • SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells has launched her first no-equipment strength training programme: ‘PWR Zero Equipment’
  • The 10-week plan is aimed at those with limited space or who are working out at home without access to kit
  • The programme is a mix of bodyweight and high intensity exercises to build strength

Kelsey Wells – SWEAT trainer and global fitness idol – has launched ‘PWR Zero Equipment’, a 10-week progressive strength training plan that requires (you guessed it) zero equipment.

Aimed at women starting or continuing their fitness journey, all abilities are catered for with exercises and workouts that allow people to go at their own pace.

Learn how to build muscle at home with Kelsey herself:

Fans of the OG ‘PWR’ programme were treated earlier this year to ‘PWR at Home 3.0’, a scaled down version of the full gym-based plan previously available via the SWEAT app.

Now, PWR Zero Equipment makes those same challenging strength workouts accessible to those getting sweaty without any kit.

‘As a fitness trainer my top priority is to provide women with the tools they need to empower themselves through fitness, regardless of where they’re able to train or what equipment they have access to,’ says Wells.

‘With the global pandemic, I felt a huge responsibility to create a program that women could do anywhere with no equipment – which is why I am so proud to offer PWR Zero Equipment.’

a woman standing in front of a building: pwr zero equipment

pwr zero equipment

What are the new workouts like?

Unlike the original PWR workouts which were between 40 and 50 minutes, all ‘PWR Zero Equipment’ workouts are under 30-minutes with one 15-minute express glutes and ab workout each week.

‘What I didn’t understand in the beginning of my fitness journey is that I would never just have the time, I had to make the time,’ says Wells, explaining why this new programme is shorter with more high intensity bursts of work than before.

The first four weeks of the programme are designed to help you get used to the at-home style of training. After that, the remaining six weeks are comprised of progressive strength training. Expect a mix of bodyweight and cardio exercises to challenge your core strength and major muscle groups.

Basically, it’s gon’ be sweaty, super rewarding and build your strength up – that we can promise you.

How much does PWR Zero Equipment cost?

Available via the SWEAT app, the cost is subscription-based, priced at £14.99 per month.

Alongside detailed instructions, each exercise is accompanied with a workout video of Kelsey explaining exactly how to complete the move correctly, protecting you against avoidable form mistakes.

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Ready to commit to PWR Zero Equipment? Access to the full 10-week plan on the SWEAT app will cost you £14.99 per month – which works out at 21p per day. Quite the deal. GO TO GET THE APP

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