The Mind-Body Connection – The Pilates Focus on Form and Function to Improve Fitness

Developing the mind-body connection can be a challenge if you’re not used to paying attention to what your body is doing with every movement during a workout. Many people zone out when they workout, watching TV, or jamming along with the tunes they’re listening to, rather than paying close attention to what their body is doing. This is one of the primary reasons that Pilates training is such an excellent method to focus on form and function to improve fitness and whole-body health.

One of the best benefits of the Pilates method is the fact that every workout is both mental and physical and can improve posture, body alignment and healthy movement habits Really, it is almost impossible to think about anything except what your body is doing during a Pilates workout. Stress, worry and anything else that might normally distract you gets set aside during your Pilates training sessions, and you get to focus 100% of your attention on improving your whole-body health.

Unlike other workout programs where you “go for the burn” or “push through the pain” until you’ve reached maximum fatigue (and recruited all sorts of muscles that shouldn’t have been involved in the work.) Pilates is a low repetition system. The goal with each Pilates exercise is that the last repetition is the very best one you’ve ever done. This training philosophy actually helps strengthen the brain-body connection to condition your muscle memory to always recruit the correct muscles needed for the work. By only doing a few, well-executed repetitions, the body is left knowing how to do it right (rather than being so fatigued that the last muscles used were not the ones that should have been doing the work.) Leave your muscles with good memory, and the next time they are needed to do a similar action, they will automatically fire correctly insuring that you will be both safe and supported for your movements.

Body awareness is also a key ingredient necessary to develop the mind-body connection and it’s built into every minute of a Pilates workout. By intently focusing on what’s happening from your head to your toes on every exercise during every single second of your workout you can make subtle, fine-tuning corrections to improve exercise technique. This concentrated effort on body awareness and improving the mind-body connection can help you recognize what your body is doing right and wrong so that you can tweak and improve your habits. Better movement habits lead to better health.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired… If you have accumulated a few aches and pains… If you know you have dominant and weaker muscles from an injury or accident… If you are healthy and fit and know you want to keep your body fine-tuned and working well like the precision machine it is designed to be, than Pilates training as a part of your weekly workout routine can be one of the best strategies you can use for developing healthy movement habits to keep you strong, fit, flexible and pain-free.

Make a lifelong commitment to take care of your health. Use Pilates training to develop healthy movement habits for a fabulous physique. Look good, feel great and be confident that you have made a great investment in yourself and your health. Improve posture and core strength, deepen the mind-body connection, increase flexibility and enjoy better whole-body health with Pilates. Being able to improve the mind-body connection to focus on form and function for fitness makes Pilates Training one of the best choices for achieving wellness success.