The Health Connection Between Omega 3 Fish Oil and Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. The gland becomes inflamed and causes a lot of pain when urinating. This is a common complaint that has been linked to an Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency.

The connection of Omega 3 fish oil and Prostatitis comes from the fact that Omega 3 fish oil is used to relieve the pain related to prostatitis. Omega 3 fatty acids may be beneficial in treating this problem because these fats are known to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Omega 3 fish oil capsules are used to relieve arthritis, cystitis, and prostatitis. As the inflammation is relieved the pain is reduced. Omega 3s can aid in the prevention of prostate cancer if adequate levels are taken daily.

Fish is the most known source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Oils are extracted from fish especially oily fish. The consumptions of fish twice weekly can reduce the risks for diabetes, arthritis, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. Omega 3s have also been known to relieve or prevent Alzheimer’s, inflammatory diseases, and psychological illnesses including bipolar disorder and post-partum depression.

Omega 3 fatty acids contain DHA and EPA. EPA is beneficial in treating prostatitis while DHA is necessary for healthy brain support and the prevention of heart disease. As a result Omega 3 fish oil can also prevent cardiac arrest or heart attack. Omega 3s also has many general health benefits.

Since Omega 3 fish oil can benefit prostatitis, if prostatitis is suspected, medical attention should be sought. The use of Omega 3s to treat this problem should be done under the advisement of a physician. Omega 3 fish oil capsules are available in most stores without a prescription.

Fish oil supplements do not ordinarily cause adverse reactions however if problems do occur, they are likely to be stomach problems or infections. If these or any unusual symptoms occur stop the supplement and seek medical treatment.

Many people don’t like fish or are allergic to fish or fish oil products. A viable alternative for them would be Omega 3s that comes from plant oils such as flax seed oil. Omega 3 enriched eggs or foods may be also be a good choice for these individuals.

Women who are pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to increase their fish intake or to take Omega 3 supplements. Omega 3s are important for brain health and development as well as proper cell division. Taken in adequate amounts there are health benefits for both mother and child.