The Estrogen and Wrinkled Skin Connection

Can Estrogen Prevent Wrinkles?

Did you know that besides using the best wrinkle creams money can buy, for women of a certain age, estrogen or natural plant based hormones can also be used in the war against wrinkles?

Menopause or Premenopause starts with a decline in hormones which also causes a decline in:

-skin moisture

-collagen production

-elastin production

All of this leaves us with wrinkled, thin, dry itchy skin. Not fair is it?

But Don’t Despair – There May Be Hope After All

When plant based estrogens – called phytoestrogens – breakdown in the body they convert to estriol. Although estriol is the weaker of three main estrogens produced in the body, it is an important anti aging skin cream for women experiencing a decline in estrogen production.

Studies have shown that a drop in hormone production causes elastin and collage and production to drop – leaving us with wrinkly, sagging skin.

The Journal of International Menopausal Society has stated that estrogen decline has a profound effect on skin and found that when postmenopausal women received estrogen treatment – they had an increase in collagen, elasticity, and dermal thickness.

Other studies found that in women who took estrogen replacement, the chance of having dry wrinkled skin was 30% less, than those who did not. They also took in to account life style habits, such as smoking and sun expose, adjusted for these two factors, and still found the benefits of estrogen on skin health were significant.

So What Can You Do?

Try Natural Estrogen Creams

While hormone replacement therapy may not be for everyone, there are safe alternatives you can try to help relieve or prevent menopausal skin deterioration. You can try over-the-counter natural estrogen (estriol) creams containing plant compounds with phytoestrogenic activity.

Dr. John Lee, a pioneer and international authority in the use of natural estrogen and progesterone creams for natural hormone balance. He found that phytoestrogen creams applied to the skin can help reverse wrinkling and should be considered an important anti aging skin care treatment. He also found that estriol cream can be helpful for acne and acne scars.

These creams can be found anywhere in health food stores or the internet. My favorite is a brand called Emerita. They’ve been around long before I ever needed hormones – I found out about them while working at a health food store and this brand was the favorite among pre and menopausal women.

Try Natural Progesterone Creams

USP natural progesterone creams are also sold over-the-counter and are derived from plant fats and oils – a substance called diosgenin – which is extracted from wild yams or soybeans.

A study published in The British Journal of Dermatology documented the beneficial effects of using 2% natural progesterone cream on skin texture of women during and after menopause. The impressive results showed a 23% increase in skin firmness, 29% wrinkle reduction around the eye area (crows feet) and almost 10% reduction of the depth of laugh lines.

Some companies sell both natural estrogen and progesterone together in one cream product; however, you need to find which one is best suited for your needs.

Some women may be estrogen dominate and therefore will only need or feel good when using progesterone cream. Others may be low in both estrogen and progesterone and will require both hormones.

Please be sure to speak to your gynecologist or health care professional before trying any topical hormones.

Black Cohosh

An natural product that can help is an herb called Black Cohosh. It was originally used by Native American to ease menstrual problems, is often included with these natural hormone creams. Black cohosh has been found to have a hormone-like structure, allowing it to bind to human estrogen receptors – making it a good choice for correcting the negative effects of decreased hormones on the skin.

In addition, black cohosh may help prevent the breakdown of skin structure support and increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This herb is often added to natural estrogen creams along with other herbs as complete hormone balancing formula.

How To Use The Creams

Keep in mind, these are not face creams, they are natural topical hormone replacement creams applied to the body to help restore proper hormone balance.

They are generally applied a few times per week in small amounts (1/4 of a teaspoon) to the thin, hairless areas of the skin — like inside your wrist or stomach. However – very important – please be sure to speak to your gynecologist before trying any topical hormones, especially if you have and hormone related health issues.