The best medicine balls for home workouts

For abs tighter than a Mourinho back line, here we reveal the best medicine balls you can buy online today. 

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The best medicine balls

Medicine balls are a dream for any fitness fanatic but useless for burgeoning footballers too. While they’re a handy tool for strengthening all muscle types, they are particularly handy for training lower legs, calves, glutes and abs, and are one of the best tools in the business for improving core strength and balance.

To put it another way, regular medicine ball usage may result in your acquiring the strength, agility and backside of Raheem Sterling. Not bad, eh? These are the best ones on the market. 

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Medicine balls are heavy. That might sound like a Michael Owen sort of insight but there’s a reason we stress this point. While an incredibly useful tool for adding weight to classic exercises, such as squats or sit-ups, they can be cumbersome and tough to lift during them, particularly once the sweat starts pouring.

The great thing about the Trenas range is that the specially designed handles make it far more comfortable to lift with your hands. Whether holding above your head or lifting from the floor, the handles make it much simpler, and safer, to get your workout done. Crucially, though, the design does not impact on the general shape of the ball.

It is still round, meaning it remains comfortable against the body. A smart take on a classic piece of equipment that could really improve your game.

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A medicine ball as classic as they come. An old school number 9 in medicine ball form. If Alan Shearer were a medicine ball… Ok, we’ll stop there. 

The point is, this design from TRX simply does what it says on the tin. Well made, sleek design and, crucially, heavy as all hell. These come in two sizes, 4 and 6lbs, are made from soft, easy to grip leather, and offer a comfortable workout. 

Users rate this medicine ball very highly. A no-brainer of a purchase if you’re after no-thrills ease and affordability. 

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Just an all-round killer piece of equipment. The Escape Fitness Hollow Medicine Ball is, as far as medicine balls go, one of the easiest on the eye we’ve seen. Brightly coloured and unusual in shape, you’ll have no issue spotting it in the gym. 

The textured rubber coating makes it easy to grip during exercises, regardless of how sweaty you might become, while the hollow structure adds to the range of movements you are able to perform with the ball.

A hand will easily fit through the gaps in the design, meaning you can feel safe even when holding it above your head. The tough skeleton of the ball also means it can be thrown against the floor or wall without losing its shape, while never bouncing more than 1cm off the floor.

A little more out there, but a real jack of all trades choice. The James Milner of gym equipment. 

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