The Benefits Of Getting A Good Orthodontist


This Article presents the most important aspects of orthodontic treatment. In this article: you will learn the benefit of the treatments, what you can expect from the treatment and learn that it’s aimed at both children and adults.

a. What is an Orthodontics?

It is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for identifying, treating and preventing malocclusions or bad tooth alignment. A term commonly used is the bad bite or crooked teeth. Literally orthodontics is derived from the Greek roots ortho (straight); Doncia (tooth) and is synonymous to straighten teeth.

There are many causes of malocclusion or misaligned teeth, and orthodontics offer people with these problems: the opportunity to improve their physical appearance, achieve proper chewing, allowing for better speech and they eliminate the pain from malformed bites.

b. Benefits of treatment:

There are multiple benefits for those who receive orthodontic treatment and among them are:

Improve the appearance and facial aesthetics

Remove the pain

Improving of chewing

Avoiding tooth wear

Eliminate stress and inadequate or excessive forces to the bone

Facilitate hygiene and dental care

Psychological benefits that increase self-esteem and social acceptance

Allows for better pronunciation

Improved conditions in order to form a better respiratory function

c. The braces and your lifestyle:

All of us – young people, children and adults all wonder about the change that generated the need for braces in our daily lives. After an initial period of adjustment and placement there are several things that change in our lifestyle. For example, there are some restrictions when playing sports or playing musical instruments but the acceptance of the braces is quick.

Orthodontics for adults:

Although we think that orthodontics is more common for children and young adults, the fact is that a quarter of the population using braces are adults. The process of positioning and adjustment of teeth works the same as in younger patients as it does with children or adults.

Adults sometimes require treatment to correct problems caused by tooth loss or malocclusions that come from childhood and were never corrected, or alterations that develop in adulthood.

The health of your teeth and gums of these patients are the most important factors that lead to treatment regardless of age. An emergency dentist may treat serious issues that may occur when using braces.

As adult bone structures are no longer growing, some malocclusions can be corrected only with braces, serious problems however may require maxillofacial surgery in conjunction with orthodontics.

f. Early treatment:

It is impossible to make a proper plan to establish the age at which a child should start orthodontic treatment as it can only be determined by diagnosis of each individual.

It is important however to consult with your orthodontist as soon as possible if there is some sign or symptom of dental problems.

In some cases it is important to start early, especially for preventive work that can guide the development of teeth and jaws. This may allow the permanent teeth the room for proper growth. For this reason the orthodontist can know the best time to start early treatment with either fixed or removable appliances.

The earlier consultation is carried, the faster you can resolve changes in the growth pattern and early adoption of braces.