The Bee Pollen and Libido Connection

Have you heard recently that there is a connection between bee pollen and libido? It sounds odd, but yet it’s true. Pollen has been known to help men and women increase their libido around the world. Generally this type of buzz is talked about more in European countries and is making waves, but its slow coming into the United States. So, what is in pollen that makes libido increase?

What Pollen Contains That Increases Libido

Scientific studies have shown that pollen includes tons of vitamins and minerals, and in addition it contains amino acids, and trace enzymes. We know that there are particular nutrients that are great for sex drive, and we know that our diet will somewhat have an impact too. There is no doubt that the two together will have a tremendous impact as well.

We know that pollen contains vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, but we also know that it contains 22 amino acids, 8 of which the body needs but doesn’t naturally create on its own. The lack of these amino acids means that there will be hormonal imbalance, as well as lack of libido and it can mean challenges with fertility. This is why many nutritionists recommend a high protein diet from meat, because meats are high in Arginine, but they are also high in Zinc.

Why Vegetarians Need to Tune In

Although vegetarians don’t eat meat, they can get what they need by eating beans, legumes, and whole grains to get what they need. This means that those vegetarians who eat a lot of sugar and carbs like potato chips and other snacks are extremely deficient. Not eating meat doesn’t make you healthy, but getting in your protein can put you in better health. It doesn’t matter how you get it as long as you get what you need.

Bees Fertilize and So Can You!

It all makes sense that the bee’s sole purpose is to fertilize, so doesn’t it make sense that pollen is good for you too? There is no way that we could possibly dispute that pollen isn’t good for us, because now that we know what is in it, it goes without saying. It is also important to note that pollen is made from semen like substance which alludes to the fact that we should be using it for our sex life and for fertility. The Arginine as mentioned before is a great amino acid for aiding in the proper flow needed for vasodilation which is the key to sex drive and endurance.

There are so many reasons that we should us pollen, but above all those who wish to see a difference in their sex life should be using it!

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