The Athletic Breakthrough in Less Than 21 Days

Do we truly want to take our physical fitness to the next level? Are we authentically committed to do whatever it takes to change our habits of not working out at all to becoming perfectly fit in the next 21 days? Do we want to take our athletic performance to the highest possible level that we can? Are we committed to become pro-athlete at the sport that we love the most? What it would take for us to be HUMBLED and follow-through on a daily regular routine exercise program?

What is your short-term athletic goal that you have? What is holding you back from being exercising everyday after knowing the benefits on your personal well-being? What are the beliefs that you have about yourself and your personal fitness? What are your top athletic goals? Do you want to become a professional athlete? Which team do you want to play for? Are you aware of your strengths and the areas you need to grow in your athletic abilities? Are you willing to take your body training to have the ideal body you always dream to have? If you are not having your personal fitness goal met, what is really getting on the way for you to be in action? What are we pretending that we are not in action and the world of performance? What are our pretenses and fears that kept us from actually being authentically committed to produce optimum athletic results? What would it be like if you met all your maximum athletic performance at the sport that you love the most? What would it be like if you are in the your best body shape and feel always energized with the zest to live life to the fullest?

I asked to myself all those questions to get me started to give up all my resistance and live life fully being on the athletic field every single day because that is my authentic self-expression where I can express myself with the highest level of excellence. I know for a fact that HUMILITY is the key to perform your best at any sport. I remember being a kid playing soccer barefoot in my neighborhood and little by little I became a master of the soccer game that I ended up being the team captain and team player of great soccer team-Club Deportivo El Suace- in my native town La Ceiba. Athletics is all about being in action. You can perform your best in any sport by putting your mind into it in less than 21 days working out intensively. You can go from being with no motivation to exercise to be completely excited and committed to workout everyday in 21 days commitment to your personal fitness.

Are you committed to take your athletic performance to the next level in the next 21 days?