Teeth Whitening System – What is It?

Systems are basically normal products but performed by so-called professionals, or with some ridiculous add-on that they will convince you will make it THAT much better. It annoys me when I see things like this. The product promises an instant treatment and when it doesn’t work, they point you to the small print and laugh in your face for falling for it. You know a system by the cheesy advert making tons of promises and lies, like it is already insecure about itself.

The teeth whitening system is not necessarily a scam, I mean it works, but they are charging more money for the same result as a home whitening kit and claiming it is better. Take for example a teeth whitening system, which claims it is better than a laser teeth whitening treatment, but half the price. Sounds great, right? Look closer. They are offering bleaching gel with a light attached. So you are charging me another $150 more than a regular bleaching gel, for a light attachment?

I do not agree with these ideas. If someone has an idea for better teeth whitening, don’t call it a system. Due to these scammers the word “system” relating to a product conjures up in my mind a work-around, a cheat that doesn’t work. It just costs more.

Okay, some teeth whitening systems may be good. Maybe I am over-reacting, they don’t lie about their product (much) but they exaggerate everything. They make it seem like if you don’t use the product your life somehow won’t be fulfilled. Your teeth will never be white without it. It’s good advertising for someone gullible, but otherwise it looks desperate. It just looks so fake.

Teeth Whitening System Breakdown:

Intro: Use excessive amount of adjectives, must include “must have” and “sophisticated”.

Description: How the product will change your life; must include “your” and “you”, and say how great you will look. Then compare to your current “average” life.

Points: They will then point out everything that is amazing with the product.

Testimonial: As biased as possible, made by an anonymous person e.g. family friend.

Picture: Professional looking people in an office, making a cheesy grin at the camera with ridiculously perfect teeth.

Then there are the promotional videos for these whitening systems; they couldn’t have picked a more stereotypical voice over, a good-looking woman who has been around. She knows what she’s talking about (apparently), and then the 30-minute long pitch that could have lasted 20 seconds. WE GET IT; it is A SIMPLE CONCEPT.

A teeth whitening system is like normal, genuine products but worse and more expensive. For some reason they insist on being the most annoying people, so annoying that you can just see that it won’t work because they are selling it too hard. So if you’re looking for systems that rip you off and will do what the cheaper teeth whitening version does then go for the teeth whitening system, it really is great.