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Sitting and studying or working all day long? Your body needs a break to stay fit and healthy. If you are staying in the same position for long, you need to incorporate some stretching exercises in your daily routine to ensure that you do not have to bear muscular pains or strains. If you do not know how to begin, we have a list of some affordable gym accessories that will help you keep your muscles strong and do some good stretching exercises in no time.

Helping you pick something cool for your breaks, here is a list that will keep your muscles fit. Pick the gym equipment that you find apt for your needs and start exercising before you develop some unbearable muscle pain.

One of the easiest ways to begin stretching is by using a resistance tube. This lightweight tube by FEGSY is meant for beginners and is suitable for light stretching sessions. Besides using it for regular stretching, you can even combine this tube with other exercises to improve the difficulty level.

Though this tube costs Rs 899, you can buy it for just Rs 501 from Amazon.

When you take a break, casually sitting on a gym ball will be a great exercise for your lower back and thigh muscles. This gym ball can be combined with yoga and a variety of gym exercises. You can even use this anti-burst ball for stretching as it can easily take your body weight.

The ball is available in multiple sizes and colours and is available on discount at Amazon.

Using resistance bands can be another easy way of stretching at home without spending too much money from your pockets. And when you are buying a combo of resistance bands, you save more money. This set by Fitlastics can be used by almost everyone and the carry bag makes it easy to carry the bands along with you.

You can buy this set for just Rs 575 from Amazon after discount.

Dr Trust Ab Wheel

To give an exercise to your core or work on your abs, an ab wheel can be an affordable tool to use. This wheel by Dr Trust will let you stretch your arms well and work on toning your abs. You can even strengthen your back muscles using this ab wheel.

Get this for just Rs 1,299 from Amazon here.

Want to strengthen your upper body muscles? This soft expander by Strauss can help you out. This expander has soft handles and is comfortable to use even for beginners. The brand offers two shapes and two colours of this expander allowing you to buy as per your convenience.

You can get this exerciser for less than Rs 300 on Amazon.

To level up your yoga routine, you need to use special yoga straps at times. And instead of a regular strap, it is always better to go for the one that has loops in it. This yoga strap has loops to ensure stability and lets you do some stretching without any risk of injuries.

You can buy it for just Rs 499 from Amazon.

Want to tone your chest muscles while having a good upper body workout session? You can use this expander to stretch and work on your muscles easily. Strauss offers this expander in both 3-springs and 5-springs variants to let you choose as per your needs.

The pulling range of this expander is up to 150 cm including the grip and you can buy it for just Rs 449.

You can stretch your arm muscles and work on your belly fat simultaneously if you use a tummy trimmer properly. This tummy trimmer has two springs that offer you enough resistance to work out properly. Just make sure that you are using this tummy trimmer early in the morning or without eating anything.

You can save big it and buy it for just Rs 499 from Amazon.

If you want to work on your back muscles while stretching, you can use a yoga wheel and try to balance yourself on it by positioning your back. You can even use this yoga wheel for relieving your back pain or stiffness.

Regular use of this yoga wheel can help you improve your
flexibility within a few days.

For those who need to type too much or play a string instrument, it is important to stretch fingers from time to time. When you take a break, you can take the help of this finger exerciser to stretch your muscles. You can use this combo for stretching and pressing exercises and keep your finger and wrist muscles strong.

This affordable combo is available for just Rs 349 on Amazon.

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