Train Faith Leaders to Tackle Africa’s Mental Health Needs

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In countries like Malawi, there are simply not enough mental health professionals to go around. The local faith community can help fill this void. Credit: Unsplash /Melanie Wasser.

BLANTYRE, Malawi, Oct 14 2020 (IPS) – The world is actually in the throes of two pandemics. The first is COVID-19. The second is the wave of stress and anxiety, depression and substance use it has unleashed around the world. Most mental health disorders are treatable.

This so called “second pandemic” is raging in poor and wealthy countries alike. But across Africa, and in much of the Global South, people facing mental health crises have nowhere to turn.

The reason is that governments and aid agencies are not making the investments needed to provide these services. In the lead up to “World Mental Health Day,” the World Federation for Mental Health recently released new statistics on the share

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Change Maker combining faith, family and fitness

A personal journey of faith, family and fitness led Kiwis Veronika Edali and her husband Volkan to create Fit Generation Apparel (a modest activewear and swimwear brand) in November 2019.

“Through my connection to Islam I wear a hijab and dress modestly. For many years I struggled to find modest swimwear or activewear, there are simply not many options available in Western countries. And what was out there was neither comfortable nor functional.”

“One day Volkan and I put our ideas together to design a perfect modest swimsuit that ticked all the boxes for me. The main thing is I wanted to feel good wearing something. It was a personal struggle but I thought if I’m struggling with this, there must be thousands of others too, and I was right. So Volkan and I decided to set up and start something of our own,” she says.

Veronika is passionate about

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