Three Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Fail

In the past recent years, dental implants have emerged as a preferred method of replacing a damaged or lost tooth. The trend is due to high quality, healthy method, and long-lasting results of dental implants. If taken proper care, many dental implants can even last throughout one’s life.

Though the failure of dental implants is not common (the success ratio in most of the implants is over 94%), the exceptions do exist. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the dental implant failures are not due to any rejection of the body because it does not build any antibody or antigen the way it does in organ transplant. There is no reaction from the body considering dental implants as foreign stuff intruding their territory.

Here we list the top three reasons that fail the dental implants –

  1. Failure in osseointegration: in this case, the implant is loosened, and it falls out.
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