Fact-check: Biden makes misleading claims on health care, coronavirus at town hall

At Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s town hall Thursday, he repeated a claim about people with preexisting conditions and coverage.

Our partners at FactCheck.org call it misleading.

“One hundred million people with preexisting conditions like your mom would not have to pay more for their insurance under now, but guess what happens if in fact he wins,” Biden said.

But the 100 million figure is an estimate for the number of Americans — outside of Medicare and Medicaid — who have preexisting conditions.

Without the Affordable Care Act, those people would lose the preexisting condition protections.

But not all of them would lose all of their coverage. That’s a much smaller amount, 6% (6 million people), who only get insurance from the individual market.

In another issue regarding health, the former vice president blamed President Donald Trump on

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