Kung Fu Eye-Training

This introduction to Eye Training Arts or ‘Ienshu’ recognises the eyes as the foremost and most used organs of perception and thus, by implication, the most valuable for a Martial Artist to train. The following article sets out three basic drills and practice routines to help with this.

The eyes are a vital feature of human beingness ‘ The… windows of the soul,’ says a popular maxim. To be a martial artist and not to train them is folly! Why? Because you might encounter someone who has-if so then watch out! But it would be better still if you had the invisible advantage which eye-training provides. Training in this area (Iengong) is considered a fundamental basic ‘Gong’ or ‘Kung’ in Shaolin Kung Fu, alongside ‘Muyugong’ (ability to withstand blows). and Qigong (breath control) and others.

Eight Sectors Eye Training Exercise

Keep your head still, look towards the wall on your … Read More