Explosive Movements: Reverse Hypers and Standing Calf Raises

Explosive Reverse Hypers

If you are ever waiting in line somewhere and the guy behind you is standing too close, I find this exercise quite handy. And after performing a few discrete repetitions, you realize that he happens to be much bigger than you, it will also help you to run fast! Seriously, though, if you want to increase your strength, speed, power, reaction time and add some muscle mass, this is the exercise.

Many people are under the impression that the reverse hyper originated as a cure for ADHD. Actually, the reverse hyper was originally popularized by Louie Simmons, who you all should know by now, has produced some of the strongest powerlifters in the world at his Westside Barbell Club. This exercise thoroughly stresses the posterior chain (erectors, glutes and hams.) Some strength authorities believe that the reverse hyper has greater specificity to sport with respect to hip … Read More

New Push Up Exercises For Explosive Power & Metabolic Training

In this article I am going to show you many new push up exercise variations that will drastically improve your upper body power but actually improve your overall conditioning. The creative exercise listed below can and should be used by high level athletes such as MMA fighters and Football players to become more explosive, as well as be used by fitness enthusiasts to build muscle in the chest shoulders and arms.

Rethinking the Clap Push Up One of the popular push up exercises used for improving upper body power is the clap or plyo push- up. This exercise is great for developing explosive pushing power and we do use it on occasion. However, the constant pounding on the wrist from the landing is a concern of mine for some athletes like wrestlers and football players. These types of athletes are constantly being thrown down and therefore having to breaking the … Read More