Chesco Health Dept. Explains Actions When Antibody Tests Failed

CHESTER COUNTY, PA — In May, Chester County offered coronavirus antibody tests to all essential workers, then other groups, but later found the test were inaccurate, with a suspiciously high number of positives.

Chester County issued a statement last week explaining what happened and why the county did not promptly issue a blanket communication that would have alerted those with positive antibody results of the likelihood of error.

The health department’s statement said that the health team spent two weeks in May trying to identify the cause of the inaccurate results, and after that time, all the people who’d had those false positives had seen doctors and were likely out of quarantine.

Those people were likely widely dispersed in the county. The county health department had announced at the end of May that testing for antibodies would soon be available. Drive-thru sites were set up at Longwood Gardens and at

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