What Returning To The Gym During COVID Is Like, According To Trainers & Exercisers

Your gym’s been open for a few weeks now, but you and your friends still haven’t gone. Sure, you got the email about the COVID safety measures your club is taking, but you’re still hesitant because you don’t know what it’s actually like to go back to the gym right now.

“It seems people are nervous and excited at the beginning of coming back,” says Donna Walker, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor from Chicago. It makes sense, she says, because when you’ve missed something for so long and come back to find it so different, it can come with mixed emotions and experiences.

“I’m located in Chicago, where there are still lots of restrictions in place due to the pandemic,” says David Robertson, a group fitness instructor for Chicago Athletic Clubs. He also does his own lifting there as a member, and has felt safe going back

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