NordicTrack’s Select-a-Weight Adjustable Dumbbells Excel at Home

Like millions of other people, the past six months have forced me to come to grips with just how little space and equipment I need to achieve a great workout from home. With a pullup bar, a kettlebell, some resistance bands—or maybe a TRX band if I’m feeling fancy—no muscle group is safe from hypertrophy.

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Recently, the evolution of my small apartment gym took another big step forward, thanks to a pair of NordicTrack adjustable weights that arrived a few weeks ago courtesy of one very, very unhappy UPS delivery guy. NordicTrack’s Select-a-Weight dumbbells now occupy just four square feet of my bedroom floor, but over the past month and change, they’ve offered me enough versatility to level up virtually any training session.


Select-A-Weight Dumbbell Set



Whether you’re knocking out old-school

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Medical Billing Performance Analysis – How to Export Vericle Reports to Excel

On May 12, 2003, the president of a family practice clinic, a physician, and a nursing informatics specialist won each first-place in a Microsoft Corp.-sponsored competition to honor innovative healthcare professionals. Entrants were judged by a panel of Microsoft representatives based on the number of features in Office they were using, their productivity gains, and how applicable the featured uses would be in other healthcare settings. All three winners use Excel for financial reporting, data collection, or tracking employee payroll and taxes the number and types of office visits.

However, until recently, the use of Excel for medical billing analysis has been limited because of the difficulty to produce effective ad hoc reports and inability to export data into Excel. Vericle lifts the limitation with its integrated medical billing reporting, Excel export capability, and a standard data import capability into Microsoft Excel.

Vericle’s reports include expectations management for both medical … Read More