World Health Organization is wrong on dental care: Do not delay preventive exams

Ever since the advent of HIV in the 1980s, U.S. dental practices have followed state-of-the-art infection control standards. These are designed to protect patients and dental providers from infectious and contagious diseases, and they are very effective.

COVID-19 has presented the opportunity to revisit and amplify those standards. Even when routine care was suspended, several of our School of Dentistry clinics have continuously provided urgent care. We have compiled a great deal of expertise on providing safe, high-quality care during the pandemic and shared it with dental professionals via free webinars. We have continuously updated our clinical protocols as we learn more about this virus and how to prevent its spread. We know the dental community more broadly is doing the same.

Patients should know that there has not been one single reported case of COVID-19 transmission associated with dental care — none from patient to patient, patient to provider

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