The Estrogen and Wrinkled Skin Connection

Can Estrogen Prevent Wrinkles?

Did you know that besides using the best wrinkle creams money can buy, for women of a certain age, estrogen or natural plant based hormones can also be used in the war against wrinkles?

Menopause or Premenopause starts with a decline in hormones which also causes a decline in:

-skin moisture

-collagen production

-elastin production

All of this leaves us with wrinkled, thin, dry itchy skin. Not fair is it?

But Don’t Despair – There May Be Hope After All

When plant based estrogens – called phytoestrogens – breakdown in the body they convert to estriol. Although estriol is the weaker of three main estrogens produced in the body, it is an important anti aging skin cream for women experiencing a decline in estrogen production.

Studies have shown that a drop in hormone production causes elastin and collage and production to drop – leaving us with … Read More