Get Fit Without Leaving Your Apartment With These 17 Home Gym Essentials

Working out at home has become the norm in 2020 for obvious reasons. Amidst the COVID-19 health crisis, gyms and fitness studios were one of the first things to close in order to keep the case count low and the infection rate at a minimum. I mean think about it — can you believe in today’s terms that we used to share equipment with countless others and sweat profusely in a room with strangers and not be concerned in the slightest? Oh how times have changed, and personally I won’t be stepping foot in a gym for quite some time. If you’re thinking about creating your own exercise area in your home, these are the home gym essentials you need.

Creating a home gym is something that used to be reserved for the ultra-wealthy who had the space and cash to deck out a room in their house as their

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