HCA Healthcare, EVERFI’s Course to Enhance Behavioral Health

HCA Healthcare, Inc. HCA recently partnered with EVERFI to introduce a mental health and wellness digital course, named Mental Wellness Basics. Notably, EVERFI is an international technology firm that has been helping individuals and organizations to address societal issues and bring about meaningful change through education.

The Mental Wellness Basics will be an interactive course that intends to benefit middle and high school students with teachers empowering students with the necessary knowledge and skills for addressing mental health disorders.

The learners will be offered precise information regarding mental health disorders, an exposure to peer experiences of mental issues, and assurance of effective and available treatment. Notably, it will also help the students in creating, sustaining and encouraging healthy mental habits among themselves and their peers.

It is worth noting that it has been launched during the Mental Illness Awareness Week, which runs throughout the first full week of October every

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