Young professionals return to Cleveland amid pandemic, encouraged to stay by Engage! Cleveland (and their parents)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — When the coronavirus pandemic shut down their offices in Chicago, Benjamin and Katie Becker came home to Cleveland.

The two have been working remotely from Katie Becker’s parents’ home in Solon, while both sets of grandparents provide childcare for the couple’s 6-month-old son.

Benjamin Becker said the plan all along was to return to Cleveland, but the pandemic sped up the timetable. “We anticipated staying in Chicago a little longer,” said Becker, who works for LinkedIn, the professional networking service. “Covid made it very clear what we had to do.”

The Beckers’ return to Northeast Ohio isn’t an isolated tale. It’s being repeated across the region, as young professionals flee high rents, government shutdowns and congested living quarters in big cities impacted by the ongoing health pandemic.

If you’re going to work remotely, why not do it from Cleveland?

The trend gave Ashley Basile Oeken, president

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