The Incredible Peter Wilson – Enduro Racer and Fundraiser Extraordinaire!

Over the last 3 years I’ve been following the progress of a guy I’ve grown to admire on many levels.

Peter Wilson is not only one of Australia’s premier endurance athlete’s, he’s also one of those rare birds that transforms what can be a very solitary journey (endurance racing), into a journey of hope for lots of people – particularly very sick children and their parents.

When I last saw Peter a year ago he’d just handed over a $100,000 cheque to the Sydney Children’s Hospital. When I chatted with him a few weeks ago he’d raised in excess of $320,000 from running in endurance events across various deserts around the globe, from the Gobi in China, the Atacama in Chile, to most recently the frozen tundra of Antarctica – it’s a pretty phenomenal effort.

A bit of Peter’s background: His first foray into endurance racing came after he ballooned … Read More