Primal Fitness – The Key to Empowering Your Fitness Clients

What is the most valuable thing you can provide your fitness client? This is a great question to ponder.

Any good trainer is motivating. We all know that. But to be great, you must empower your fitness client.

What is the difference?

Self-Empowerment = using your skills to unlock the motivation INSIDE the client, so they learn self-motivation and self-accountability.

Making empowerment a corner stone of your business model is critical for your success. The fitness client that follows your leadership proactively, works out on their own, and takes responsibility over their goals ALWAYS gets better results than the one who does not.

And client’s that get great results will refer you to more great clients, which means:

• more money

• more job security

• better results

• less cancellations

• less time marketing yourself

• more fun:-)

The other option is to create a vicious cycle of co-dependence. … Read More