Sarah Foye + Emily Ryzuk for Montville Township Committee focus on health

Sarah Foye + Emily Ryzuk for Montville Township Committee

This candidates’ statement expands on our campaign priorities with a focus on health. We are committed to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of the community. The pandemic shows how important health is to a thriving township.  We promise to:

  1. Implement a coordinated, thoughtful, and effective pandemic response that integrates any state or federal regulations to help support the health of our citizens and the operations of local businesses.  

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  2. Provide researched-based, prompt, transparent, and clear communication to citizens about current health threats in the community; including mitigation strategies.

  3. Be nimble and creative in response to current and future health threats that impact our citizens.

  4. Support seniors well-being through the Senior Center, nutrition program, and more.

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