Best home gym equipment deals: Save on treadmills, elliptical machines, and more from these retailers

Check out some of the best home gym equipment deals you can buy right now at some of your favorite retailers.

Finding retailers with stock on home gym equipment is already tough as it is, but finding great deals is on the best home gym equipment is turning into quite the challenge.

It’s no surprise that people are building up their home gyms at a time like this, as gyms across the country are closed for the next few weeks as we continue our social distancing measures. There are excellent alternatives you can use in your very own home to keep yourself healthy and fit, but sometimes you need a bit more help keeping yourself on track.

Grabbing some home gym equipment not only provides a home-based way to work out and stay in shape, it’ll help keep you on track as a mental and visual reminder to keep at

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Fitness Equipment Maintenance: The Yowza Sanibel Elliptical Review

If you are interested in purchasing a remarkable piece of equipment to add to your home fitness collection, I have some information about an outstanding exerciser that will give your body the maximum workout: The Yowza Sanibel Elliptical. With the assistance of a well-established fitness equipment maintenance company, this powerful and innovatively designed elliptical can take you to new levels of fitness.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

Patented Counter Rotational Core motion

Sure-Fit™ self-pivoting pedals

21″ roller-less reversible elliptical motion 

Hi Fidelity speakers and IPod docking station

Incorporated “ramp-less” incline

Blue backlit LCD computer

Price: About $1499

Product Description:

The Yowza Sanibel Elliptical Trainer offers a very smooth 21″ roller-less stride and is designed with Sure-Fit self-pivoting foot pedals to ensure the utmost level of comfort. It has an ergonomic, two-tiered console which is equipped with an iPod dock, speakers, incorporated grip pulse, and a 3-speed fan. … Read More

Elliptical Fitness Equipment – A Revolution in the Realm of Fitness

With the rising number of health related problems the fitness industry is introducing great fitness equipments with the aim to bring people back to the right track. Unhealthy lifestyle and bad food habits have landed people in great health hazards. So it becomes imperative on our part to stay fit and avoid health problems.

Nutritionists, gyms, books, trainers are all being referred by millions of people to solve their health problems. Elliptical fitness equipment is one of the many types of fitness aids that are available today to help people. They are truly great and can do wonders to your body.

Realize the Benefits

Elliptical Fitness Equipment is one of the most noted cardiovascular workout machines in the world and is swarming the nation as people are being able to perceive the great benefits that they can get from using the machine.

Also known as the Elliptical trainer, it is … Read More

Getting A Good Workout With The LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical

Ellipiticals have become very popular for those looking for a full-bodied workout from just one machine. While there are certainly some muscles that are not hit with the elliptical, many of the major muscles receive a great workout with this piece of exercise equipment while also helping to get the heart pumping.

When looking for right elliptical machine to suit your needs, you will find that there are many different models to select from. If you are looking for a basic model that will help you get a good workout without costing you as much as some of the other models currently available on the market, you might be interested in the LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical.

While the LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical does not have all of the “Bells and Whistles” of some other designs, it still has everything necessary to get a good workout. For example, it offers 12 … Read More

Is the LifeCore Fitness LC985Z Elliptical Right For You?

Consumers looking for a mixture of LifeCore’s LC990 and LC980 elliptical models might be interested in the LifeCore Fitness LC985Z Elliptical, as it offers popular features from both of these models. At the same time, it offers closer pedal spacing as well as a smaller footprint, which helps make it a better choice when users of various sizes will be using the equipment.

As with both the LC980 and the LC990, the LifeCore Fitness LC985Z offers 12 Preset Programs as well as 4 Heart Rate Control Programs. It is also similar to both models in that it can store data for up to 9 different users. All three models also feature slip resistant foot pedals, which make the ellipticals safer to use. The adjustable pedals also help prevent injury while the dual action arm handles found on all three models helps the user get a complete workout.

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Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Kettler Mondeo ST Elliptical Trainer Review

Investing in home gym equipment is practically a must in today’s fitness conscious society. Of course, it stands to reason that everybody is looking for the most effective fitness equipment at the lowest possible price-often times, the solution to this quest is refurbished fitness equipment. One of the best selling and highest quality machines used for toning your muscles and losing those excess pounds is the ever-popular elliptical trainer. Here is a brief overview of a superior quality elliptical-The Kettler Mondeo ST Elliptical Trainer.

Overall Rating: 9.2 out of 10 stars

Key Features:

· Console with large, easy-to-read, twin Backlit colour LCD Display Screens

· Motor Controlled Magnetic Resistance

· 8 Preset Programs which include a Heart Rate Control Workout

· Cardio pulse set available at the user’s request

· Optimized drive and bearing technology with self-aligning ball bearings

· Heart Rate Measurement

Price: Regular £699 (Refurbished model may … Read More

Looking for Sale Gym Equipment? Octane Fitness Q47e Elliptical Trainer Review

With the prices of fitness equipment so high these days, it pays to shop for sale gym equipment. But how to know what’s best to buy? Well, reading reviews can help a great deal. Here’s some information about a terrific elliptical trainer from Octane Fitness, the Q47e.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

One thing we especially like about this elliptical cross trainer is that it includes a series of interactive programs that monitor the user’s pace and automatically adjust the stride length to maximise the workout. The Q47e’s SmartStride® provides a customised workout for every type a user, from beginner to expert. Another element we like is the machine’s HIP function. HIP stands for “hip indexing pivot” and provides an automatic measurement of the user’s hip height and speed that in turn optimises muscle use and stride throughout your workout.


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Fitness Equipment: The 21 Epic EL 2980 Elliptical Trainer Review

Total body fitness has never been as important as in today’s self-conscious society. Looking your very best not only has an effect on the way other people see you, but also helps to enhance your self-image. What better way to get yourself in shape than with a superior quality piece of fitness equipment? Elliptical trainers are a popular choice for those just starting on their fitness journey or for those well into their journey. If health and fitness is a preferred factor in your life, then we would like to introduce you to an excellent, effective exercise machine that can sculpt your physique into what you want it to be-The 21 Epic EL 2980 Elliptical Trainer.

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

Key Features:

Offers 20 Personal Trainer Workout Programs including aerobic, performance, and weight loss and 4 additional heart rate programs for a wide range of exercises from which … Read More

Fitness Equipment Services: NordicTrack AudioStrider 800 Elliptical Review

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’re no stranger to elliptical machines. However, even the most dedicated exercisers can become bored with their daily workout routines. Allow us to introduce you to the AudioStrider 800 Elliptical designed by fitness equipment giant, NordicTrack. The AudioStrider 800 features a music port that has a console with built in speakers for your listening enjoyment while you work yourself into tip top condition. Let’s talk about the outstanding features which, with the dedication of a trustworthy fitness equipment services company, can assist you in achieving your ultimate fitness goal.

Average Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Key Features:

· 8 built in workouts/ 6 personal trainer workouts/ 2 heart rate workouts

· GetFit level 1 ifit card that includes 24 additional workouts. iFit workout card technology for a full body workout designed by certified personal trainers

· Ekg heart rate monitor featuring handlebars with built-in sensors… Read More

Refurbished Fitness Equipment Review: The Livestrong Incline Elliptical Cross Trainer

Everyone has a hero or two — a person we admire and respect. In the sporting world, one such hero is cycling great Lance Armstrong. An outstanding athlete, he’s also won a difficult battle with cancer, along with competitive cycling victories too numerous to list. So when Lance Armstrong put his name of a line of fitness machines, people took notice. While many of us may not be able to afford Armstrong’s products when they’re new, certainly another option is to find one selling as a piece of refurbished fitness equipment. Here’s some information about the Livestrong 12.9E incline elliptical cross trainer.

Overall rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

This elliptical trainer is an exceptionally popular type of fitness equipment. It provides an efficient full body workout that also has significant cardiovascular benefits. These machines are not difficult to use, and the 12.9E is no exception. It’s packed … Read More