Delayed Ejaculation: Handling This Penis Function Issue

Mention premature ejaculation in a group of guys and someone is almost bound to jokingly claim that he has just the opposite penis health problem. In fact, delayed ejaculation (sometimes called retarded ejaculation or prolonged ejaculation or impaired ejaculation) can be a very legitimate penis function problem – and one that can be frustrating both to those who suffer from it and their sexual partners.

What it is

Just as premature ejaculation involves a man who ejaculates much earlier than he would like, delayed ejaculation keeps a man from ejaculating. Although there is no one clear definition, it is generally accepted that if a man wishes to ejaculate but requires more than 30 minutes to achieve that goal, he is said to be experiencing delayed ejaculation. (It’s important to note that the man in question desires to ejaculate. A man who engages in sexual activity for longer than 30 minutes … Read More