The Lack Of EHR Usability

David Lareau is CEO of Medicomp Systems, a provider of physician-driven point-of care solutions that fix EHRs.

In January, I was among many who predicted that Amazon, Google and other big tech giants would be grabbing health care headlines this year as they fought to gain control of the volume of clinical data stored in electronic health records (EHRs). Obviously, the big headlines this year have not focused on big tech but on big challenges surrounding the pandemic.

While we did not predict the coronavirus pandemic, I am confident in forecasting a parallel phenomenon threatening damage to the mental and physical health of physicians and nurses. In the midst of the current health crisis, clinician burnout is rising rapidly — and health care leaders and technology providers should act now to improve the clinical usability of EHRs.

The Parallel Pandemic

Even before the virus, as many as 45%

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