Celebrity Fitness Trainer Shares Effective Tips That Can Motivate You To Workout Every Day

Weight loss: Write down your fitness goals and plan how you can achieve them


  • Have a workout buddy who can be accountable for your daily workouts
  • Prepare for morning workouts at night itself
  • Make sure that your workouts are fun

Weight Loss: For many of us, there is a gap between wanting to exercise and finding the motivation to actually do it. This gap often results in not exercising at all. We all know how important it is to exercise on a daily basis. Not just weight loss, but it also helps in improving in overall health, fitness, strength, stamina, mobility, agility and flexibility to name a few. Regular exercise is the most effective way of being disease-free. The motivation part of it, however, is the most challenging part of working out.

Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines is of the opinion that the most difficult part of exercise

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Martial Artist’s Effective Early Morning Workout

There are a myriad of possible effective martial-arts workouts. If you are an early-morning riser, try the following martial-arts training routine. This one is for early-birds only.

Martial Artists Calm Mind

There is something special about being the only person up near dawn or sunrise. There is something special about training in solitude … or training side by side, quietly with a close friend, mate, or student.

If you can train outside, in the fresh air, that has some added benefits, but it’s not necessary. Wherever you work out, try to listen to the early morning sounds … of the city or countryside. Strain your ears; listen for rhythms that you can do your exercises to. Or focus on unique sounds and try to identify them as you perform techniques.

Note: It’s almost a mental puzzle to figure out how to consciously identify sounds, while your body unconsciously performs precision

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The Most Effective Wrestling Workout

First and foremost, the most vital thing when you are working out for wrestling is simply to wrestle and drill, and not necessarily in that order. Whenever there is an opportunity to get on a wrestling mat, seize it. Although let’s face it, there are not many pickup wrestling matches going on at your local gym.

Have no fear; there are other ways to improve your wrestling. The jumprope for one is very important when you are working out for wrestling. I credit it with giving me all of my speed. Build your ability over time until you can go for thirty minutes with no problem. When that becomes too easy for you increase the intensity by sprint jumping rope for thirty seconds and rest at your normal speed for a minute. Repeat until you’ve done it for thirty minutes. Progressively increase the sprint to one minute and the rest … Read More

Whatever Happened to the Simple Yet Cost Effective Dental Office Visit?

A few weeks ago one of my back teeth, a tooth crowned and capped a number of years ago, started acting up and became sensitive. There was no apparent swelling in my jaw and no pain but I decided to make an appointment with my dentist and let him investigate the problem further. After all, I thought, my dental professional has the tools, the expertise and the training to recommend a course of action for me to follow.

I had not visited this particular dental clinic (the former word office now seemed so gauche and out of place) in quite some time. Dental surgeons and not dentists populated the building now. The physical remodeling of the building combined with a staff restructuring left me at the mercy of a supposedly knowledgeable receptionist who would eventually connect me with a dentist who would help me with my problem. So I thought.… Read More