Children’s Teeth – How Being Educated About Your Child’s Teeth Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

As a dentist and a mother of two little boys, I am constantly bombarded with questions from parents about their children’s teeth. There seems to be a huge lack of compiled information on the subject. While I have seen plenty of information for parents and caregivers on cord care, rashes and behavioral techniques, I have yet to see a comprehensive guide on the development and care of children’s teeth. And, unfortunately, your children’s teeth are a huge part of their childhood and will have an enormous impact on their adult lives. Misinformation or lack of knowledge can cause frustrating experiences during these critical times. It can make parents feel unsure of what to do when there dentist suggests certain treatment or diagnosis. It can also just leave parents feeling confused or unsure of curious dental questions which always seem to arise through the child’s growing years.

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