Penis Size and Dysmorphia: Unrealistic Worries About Measuring Up

Hopefully, every man reading this feels good about himself and about his body – and about his penis. Being in good health and good penis health can make a big difference in a man’s sexual outlook – but sometimes there can be factors that undermine a perfectly healthy man feeling good about himself sexually. For example, take penis size(PS). Our culture places an absurd importance on something that is essentially a matter of genetics and that has little to do ultimately with how satisfactory a man is in bed. Often a man may be victimized by body dysmorphic disorder, and this dysmorphia may be centralized around his PS – to his detriment.

Not measuring up

When a man has dysmorphia related to his PS, it means that he has an obsessive idea that his PS is inappropriate – most often, too small. (There are some cases in which a man … Read More